Alexandria Ocasio Cortes never addresses the suffering and social control over the entire population of Cuba. Instead, she is orgasmic in spewing the wonders life offers in socialism and communism. The power of media has so brainwashed our young adults into thinking Alexandria Ocasio Cortes is a political dynamo and champion of the people, the insanity of it all? New Yorkers vote for her and or are watching what voter fraud can accomplish…not sure which one is true! The fact that Alexandria Ocasio Cortes is an elected official defies common sense and logic on a scale that I simply cannot evaluate! Personally, I cannot go this far below the bar in order to articulate the lunacy of this woman!

In the face of what is currently happening in Cuba, the information that is ebbing out of a nation of imprisoned citizens appears to be horrific!  Cubans are defying socialism, communism and a police state under threat of death. The news coming out of Cuba is scarce. Of course, the American networks on the whole are burying the story!!!!

So many young Americans are being bamboozled into adoration of nutty people and elected officials who want to see our nation controlled by government, not the people. The media seems to be the largest outlet promoting deception across the fruited plains. However, socialism does not work, communism does not work, never has! The people of Cuba are raising one voice, once again, to destroy the lie that Fidel Castro forced upon the nation of Cuba in 1959.


I was born in 1959. Cuba has been imprisoned all of my life. I remember watching Dany Glover, the actor, rave about how wonderful Castro was while celebrating the wonder of the Castro regime. I was close to vomiting! I have never enjoyed his movies since. Whenever I see Danny Glover on television or in movies I see tangible stupidity! Yup, it is possible to reach out and touch, ‘Dumb!’

Anyway, the amount of bloodshed, the disappearance of hundreds, maybe thousands along with anguish, death and despair always follow oppressive regimes. Cubans are most certainly experiencing all of the above. My disdain for those who would destroy the American Constitution, opting for the lunacy now happening in Cuba is beyond my sensibility. I will never comprehend the insanity that flows out of Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio Cortes and Danny Glover in the face of what the beautiful people of Cuba have suffered through for my 61 years on this planet!

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