Laurie Cardoza-Moore, Elie Pieprz & Governor Rick DeSantis, OUTSTANDING!

Jul 16, 2021 | Elie Pieprz, News and Opinion

Okay my friends, let me share a back story about my brief encounter with Elie Pieprz several years ago. I met Elie in Washington DC while touring the US Congressional offices with CUFI or Christians United For Israel. He gave a talk to our group during our visit. I couldn’t tell you what he spoke about if I were wired to a memory machine! What I do remember  was his appreciation for the turn about that he, along with many in the Jewish community were now witnessing in the Christian community. Rather than 1800 years of
persecution, horrific pogroms and replacement lunacy instituted by the Catholic/Christian communities (For nearly two millennium) support for Israel and the Jewish people was in full swing. I don’t think it possible for most western believers to comprehend the atrocities that were inflicted upon Jewish communities throughout the European continent. Moreover, to understand the Anti-Semitic attitudes that have chased the Jewish people through history is not part of most sermons, in most churches on any given Sunday.
I have never forgotten Elie and  continue follow him via the internet and email on a regular basis. I don’t know him personally, his family, we have never had coffee together or broken bread together. I simply appreciate this person and will continue to support his work. I received the following email concerning the attempts to rewrite Holocaust history.  Revisionist history or what I call, absolute lies designed to change historical facts is not a new concept.
The Arab slavers (Slave trade) for example, is not part of the brain activity that happens in the minds of Al Sharpton, Jess Jackson or Maxine Waters. Most black Americans have been taught a lie for decades. The same can be said about former Jordanians and Egyptians who are now called Palestinians! Of course, Replacement Theology is the epitome of revisionist history. I suppose the unprecedented connection to Jewish history now occurring within many Christian communities would be a sort of curious but cautious consideration to some, certainly not all Jewish people. The Christians who cling to the “Jews killed Jesus”  slogan-well, they still live among the church system as well…
The old adage, “Some things never change” is not always true!  Incidentally, I have known Laurie Cardoza-Moore for well over ten years. I have and will continue to support PJTN going forward. When we begin to peel back the layers of revisionist history in particularly concerning Israel….the truth is still there! I have had, over the years many many Christians say to me, “Jesus was a Christian” I remind them that he was Jewish!
Consider the following

From Elie:

You may remember that a few months ago, I reached out to you concerning Holocaust Education Standards in Florida.
Well I am pleased to share with you today that yesterday, Gov DeSantis followed PJTN’s recommendations and approved new standards for Holocaust Education that reject universalizing the Holocaust and CRT.
We have been working with DeSantis and his Department of Education on this issue as well as the overall civics standards, which he also approved yesterday consistent with our recommendations.
This Orlando Sentinel Op-ed co-authored by PJTN founder Laurie Cardoza Moore was timed to foreshadow what we were expecting his office to do, and yesterday they formally agreed to our recommendations on Holocaust Education.
I would like now to publicize Gov DeSantis’s strong move and give him credit for standing up to those who wanted to water down Holocaust education and open the door for 1619 Project/CRT.
Anyway, here is the background.
Basically the Florida Department of Education has a formal Task Force on Holocaust Education.  DeSantis’s admin inherited the members, he did not have the chance to appoint anyone to that commission.  Not surprisingly the Task Force is led by the ADL and the Jewish left wing establishment who consistently want to make Holocaust Education less about how Jews were singled out for genocide and more about ‘systemic racism’.  The task force makes recommendations to the Commissioner of Education (who WAS appointed by DeSantis).   Typically the Commissioner just adopts the recommendations by the task force without much due diligence.  This year, PJTN (Laurie Cardoza Moore) created our own ‘task force’ with our own Holocaust education researchers and through our relationships with DeSantis and Commissioner Richard Corcoran (appointed by DeSantis) presented our recommendations – which focused on making sure that Holocaust Education was not diluted from focusing on the Holocausts – Final Solution for the genocide of the Jews (not other injustices).  Naturally, the establishment left got all upset that we had managed to go around their control as the gatekeepers on Holocausts Education, and were presenting DeSantis a convenient off-ramp to reject the ‘universalization’ of Holocaust Education and an open door for Holocaust Education to end up being used for woke 1619 Project, BLM curricula and general CRT.
 Yesterday DeSantis approved new standards which largely rejected the objectionable aspects of the formal Holocaust Task force’s recommendations and accepted PJTN’s approach.
Laurie also served on “Florida’s Department of Education BEST Standards” Civics Textbooks Review Board” where again Laurie was the singular voice opposing the CRT type of modifications to curriculum and instead argued for the study primary source documents to understand the philosophical underpinnings of the American Republic and the root cause of American exceptionalism.  Laurie’s formal role was on the Middle School Civics textbooks review board.
This was something that DeSantis clearly felt passionate about and was going to get done, so our activity in this space was appreciated and we certainly gave his office some additional political space to operate.
On the Holocaust education front, I don’t think his office was really focusing on it (why should they?) and we basically flagged this for him, so that he could get another win, and at the same time, generate attacks from the left wing Jewish establishment – win/win!
Laurie has been on the receiving end of a lot of hate and attacks in the left wing media for our single handedly thwarting their efforts on Holocaust Education – practically we just alerted DeSantis to the issue, and he intuitively understood that he would need to stand up to the ADL and the others.  Which he did and he should get credit for it.
I would greatly appreciate any efforts you make to push out this story.
If you have any questions, just let me know.
Elie Pieprz

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