Imagine if we get a black American who loves our country in the state of California! Let’s make it happen (Of course, they probably have perfected voter fraud but we have to expose this too!



Dear jeff,

This is big…

In the two weeks since I launched my campaign, thousands of people – you included – came forth and joined our movement. Thank you!  

Only in America can the son of a janitor from South Central Los Angeles attend an Ivy League university, become a business owner, lawyer, author, and broadcaster, and now aspire to be California’s next Governor.

Did you see the news today??

With your generous help, we are now on track to topple Gavin Newsom in 49 days! 

This is why Larry is running for Governor of California.  You helped us once.  Are you able to help us continue to build his momentum by donating $25 or something more generous right now?

Larry is the only candidate that can beat Gavin Newsom.  He has a vision for a better California where our kids can attend the schools we choose, where the government isn’t taxing us out of the state, where it is safe to walk our own streets, and where common sense is restored in Sacramento.

We must get this broken California government off our backs and restore the state we love.

Larry is here to tell the truth.  California is broken and Larry can fix it.  Will you help him across the finish line and chip in $25, $35, $50, $200, or any amount today?

Save California.  Larry is in it to win it.  Are you?

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