I have been marveling about a certain website for awhile now. When I had my website designed what I had in mind well, http://patriotsinformed.com is what I had in mind. Communicating this to the folks who actually did design my site obviously fell short.

Nevertheless, I am not dissatisfied with Free From Fear and the sort of static site that it is. I post what I want, what’s in my thoughts and what I think is informative to those who stop by. I enjoy being a voice in the fray…..I also got tired of getting censored on Facebook (Don’t miss Facebook at all, good riddance!!!!)

I signed on to (subscribed) Patriots Informed and received an email back. To my surprise I know the person who had this website developed. Trust me when I say, ‘It was a pleasant surprise’ as I know enough about the owner of the site to once again admire the effort.

The sight is informative, lots of articles on various subject matters and relevant topics, impressive! Of course, I don’t and did not have the funds that a website like this costs to put together.  The monthly cost is a bit steep but that’s what one has to do to create something as impressive as the sight is…for me anyway!  I pay for my site monthly as well but at half the cost. When I contacted my friend about the site it was explained to me all of the advantages offered by the site designer. So much to take in but certainly of interest to me. I will, in time take a very good look at what is offered but for now….I will just enjoy the effort and information presented https://www.patriotsinformed.com/243457/Patriots-Informed-Past-Issues.htm

I think that whatever you can do to be civically engaged…do it!

The internet offers a means to be connected to others who have tossed the lie of separation of Church and State into the trash bin where it belongs. Patriots Informed is one way to make a difference and make a difference YOU must My people is silent because there it has no knowledge, for you have rejected knowledge and I shall reject you from the Priesthood, and you have forgotten the law of your God; I also shall forget your children (Hosea 4:6)

Just Click The Pics

Amazing , must see!


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