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Nurses Quitting Or Being Fired Over Mandate 9/6/21

America will soon have a worsening health crisis as multitudes of nurses are choosing to abandon their careers rather than submit to mandatory Covid vaccines. Many hospitals are already short staffed with over-worked and stressed health care workers and the ultimatum of “get the jab or lose your job” could be disastrous!

Nurses who have been heroically on the front line for the past year and a half, are now being labeled as “terrorists” (their words) for not being vaccinated. They have seen the terrible side effects of the vaccine close up and many refuse to take an experimental injection that could harm them irreparably and that has the highest mortality rate of any vaccine in history. In an Ohio Nurses Association survey, 30 percent said that they would leave their jobs over the mandate.

In the video below, one nurse asks. “how come nobody is asking the nurses why they don’t want it?” She goes on to say that many departments currently have low vaccination rates. That makes me believe that they know that this injection is dangerous.

As we or a loved one faces hospital care, what kind of care will we receive when veteran nurses are at a premium and staff shortages deepen?

This crisis goes far beyond the health care industry – it affects us all! If you have the opportunity, please speak up for the nurses, teachers, first responders and all workers who are faced with this terrible and unconstitutional mandate.



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