AFLDS vs. Kaiser!

This lawsuit challenges Kaiser’s mandate that all 217,000 employees be vaccinated or terminated.

From the Press Release: “Kaiser’s mandate violates both the Constitution and California State law … Kaiser has acted extraordinarily shamefully. They have done much more than threaten unemployment. They have coordinated with the Federal and State governments to coerce workers through total and permanent industry unemployability.”


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Frontline Films

Tony Roman

“It is the obligation of the business owners to stand up. We didn’t make masks optional; we banned them.

Tony Roman, Owner of Basilico’s


Physician Videos

Awaken 9 14 21 Capture

“… our mutual enemy are the tyrannical overlords who wish to divide and conquer…”

Alan Keyes Capture

“… doctors did not stand up for their patients; doctors had become widgets in a corporate machine…”

Kory Capture

“… I am not a politician; I am a physician …”


Frontline News


Today’s version of the yellow star has become a badge of honor. It is a meritorious deed to become enslaved.”


“…‘clear evidence of fraud’ in the Pfizer study …”


Fertility jeopardized by the mRNA COVID injection.



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