I reached out to a friend of ours who sold his truck and quit trucking. I asked him what the issue is in California. “He shared with me that the regulations and cost to enter California is not worth it! The truck has to be no older than 10 years, no one wants to go into California” 


Source https://www.patriotsinformed.com/260389/Supply-Chain-Crisis.htm

Millions of Americans are watching the news or the store shelves and wondering what on earth is happening to our supply chain and how we reached what some are calling a crisis.










We see full container ships backed up in ports and at the same time reports of empty shelves in various parts of the nation. No one needs to be told that we are seeing inflation as both food and gas prices are rising steadily. Many are warning that inventory for the holiday season may be limited.

So, who or what is to blame? Obviously it is a multi-faceted issue but here are some of the explanations (spin) being heard from our current administration.

  • Transportation Secretary Steve Buttigieg (recently MIA because of his Paternity Leave) says that it is because of high demand for products because of a booming Biden recovery from the “terrifying recession. I guess we have to blame the high prices on the great economy that we are all enjoying.
  • US Treasury Dept Secretary, Wally Adeyemo, said in an interview that “the reality is that the only way we’re going to get to a place where we work through this transition is if everyone in America and everyone around the world gets vaccinated.” So the solution is for everyone to get vaxxed. Sounds a bit like a threat!
  • White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, addresses the issue of ports being backed up. Biden’s main solution is to get the ports working 24/7. He knows the real problem with the ports (see below) and 24/7 won’t do it.


In the meantime #EmptyShelvesJoe is trending. I don’t think the general public is buying the narrative.



As I researched the issue, the one glaring problem that is at the crux of the issue is REGULATION – California “Green Regulation” to be specific. As of October 16, 2020, new emissions standards were enacted in California that eliminated the ability of non-compliant semi tractors from being on the roads in CA. This literally eliminated half of the nation’s trucking fleet, including most independent owner/operators, from being able to access the CA ports of Long Beach and LA!

Oh, but a solution was reached! Compliant trucks would pick up the goods at the ports and then off-load the goods to non-compliant trucks waiting at the state lines. Only problem is that there are a limited amount of compliant trucks available as truckers are hesitant to invest in new equipment which will become obsolete in 2035 when the state moves to all electric. BTW, these electric models are not currently available. So the bottle neck continues and Biden’s plan to work the ports 24/7 won’t help. The containers will continue to stack up in the ports.

There are many other factors contributing to the supply shortages and higher prices.

  • Worker shortages. Many displaced “non-essential” workers found other careers leaving giant gaps in the work force from warehouse workers, to truckers to food processors.
  • 14 day quarantine protocols affecting ship personnel, workers and drivers.
  • Vaccine mandates are forcing still more out of the work force.
  • Increased fuel prices – thank you Biden for eliminating our energy independence.
  • Rumors of farmers being paid to plow under their crops.
  • Control over the beef industry by 4 companies controlling 80% of the market (Fox)
  • Unions?
  • Dependence on China for our goods from medicine to food to computer chips and spare parts.
  • Escalating prices of container freight rates
  • Ships taking longer routes around the Panama Canal to East Coast ports also increasing prices. Now the East Coast ports are backing up.
  • Small businesses will be taking the biggest hit as they are dependant on the supply chain, while big companies can afford work arounds. See video below.
  • Not to be overlooked, a deliberate and coordinated effort to crash our economy to bring the world into the “Great Reset” of world wide communism.
  • Finally, if one would REALLY speculate, maybe Trump’s EO to cease trade with any country that has interfered with our elections, could be in effect. Are we living in a spy novel?


So, is there any good news in all of this? Yes! I believe that the food, gas and supply shortages are accomplishing something that is of immense value – it is making people wake up! We instinctively KNOW that this is terribly wrong and that we are being lied to. We have devolved from a prosperous can-do nation to a country where everything is broken – within a few short months. In truth, we were probably running on fumes for a long time and just needed the installed regime to push us over the edge.

It will take this mass awakening for people to rise up and stop taking it! Stop complying to the mandates. Stop re-electing the same people who do nothing but tax and regulate. Fight for audits in every state because elections have consequences. Buy “Made In America”. Turn of the propaganda tube and research truth. Get involved. Be wise and stock up on food and supplies. Help your neighbors who have lost jobs or who have lack. Use your gifts and talent to create change. Be ready to take back our country WHEN truth begins to be revealed about election fraud. Most importantly PRAY. Turn to God with whole hearts of repentance and FAITH!

Every generation has its war. This is our time. This is our war. We have the power if we unify. We must and will win. We will get through this – together.    Please SUBSCRIBE for more “Informed” Articles.

X22 Report starts at 6 minutes to explain the bottleneck caused by CA compliance regulations on trucks.




Comprehensive article on many aspects of the backlog in the ports.

This video is a gem! It explains how Amazon knew ahead of time this was coming and made alternative plans. They have the money to do this. It will be the small businesses, dependant on the ports, that will be impacted the most.






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