I have been following the sciences on vaccinations and masks as well as keeping up with the mutations that are now springing up all over the globe. Additionally, I have posted countless articles, mentioned several scientists, provided references and addressed much of the information that is in direct opposition to vaccinations. I am personally aware of  breathing difficulties, social anxiety and fear among young children attending the public school system.

I have attended meetings locally where teachers (The meetings have been packed) are addressing loosing their jobs, the effects of masks on primary aged kids, a plethora of bribes and coercive gratuities being offered to students….It is remarkable when realizing the coordinated, systematic and tax payer money now funding an experiment which is harming our kids and grandkids!

School Boards bribing Students:

Los Angeles Board of Education Bribing Kids to Get Vaccinated With Gift Cards, Tickets to Disney

Rantz: High school bribing students into vaccines with graduation credits

I have listened to teachers who are apoplectic over the amount of money pouring into schools that support vaccinating children. In my mind all of this is coordinated against the public. I am perplexed that the constant media and governmental barrage of commercialized promotion hyping vaccinations that cause the mutations and do not work for what YOU are being told is a “Good Thing” The science is clear in my mind that the vaccinations destroy our immune system while causing the spread of the now mutating original Wuhan virus. Once the vaccine is administered into your body you, in my words, become a living petri dish! I personally believe the pharmaceutical industry is counting on this sort of success! Imagine the medicines that are being promised to now,  keep you alive?

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