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With the biblical holiday of Hanukkah just ending, the story is so much more to do with political corruption and the aftermath of the collapse of Alexander the Great’s dynasty! The ushering in of a very Hellenistic culture and years later the turmoil Jesus (Yeshua) was born into. The political corruption and tremendous turmoil occurring at the time of Jesus (Yeshua proper in the 1st century) was insidious! [Not unlike today]

My friend, Dr. Dinah Dye will be speaking here locally the weekend of January 29th, 2022. I encourage the local folks to come out and hear her share a bit about her new book and why she wrote it. Like Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, you can still learn a lot from a Jew…..Especially my friend! I have several copies of her new book on hand…Contact me if you would like to purchase one before she arrives.

The Bible repeats patterns and themes, Hanukkah, The Festival of Dedication or Festival of Light is no different! Click the Link below to hear Dr. Dye’s back story concerning Jesus and the Festival of Dedication

The Good Shepherd & the Light at Chanukkah


My friend Pastor Joe Aymond of Out of Ashes Ministries (link) is currently going through the history more succinctly with regard to understanding the back story and absolute period of chaos Israel was sort of stuck in…

Keep learning my friends, do your own research and forever return to the historical records and research for information! We are still part of the story unfolding!



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Amazing , must see!


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