Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed his military to invade Ukraine while the rest of the world watches innocent people being killed. The entire might of Russia is swooping down upon a country in order to take control of the land, population and government. In Dr. Dinah Dye’s books “The Temple Revealed Series” (Trilogy) she recants historical tyrants who invaded kingdoms or countries (In modern speak) in order to control the land, the population and government. From the Garden in Eden (The serpent) to the Assyrian and Babylonian kings against Israel, to Hitler! With regard to historical Israel, invading kingdoms were as much a part of their history across the millenniums as is time itself…and so it goes!


The GOD of the Bible offered a servant kingship as opposed to those who would conquer, enslave or murder. One only need to understand the mindset behind ISIS, Al Qaeda, or any number of terrorist organizations relative to today…submit or be killed!


What Russian President, Vladimir Putin is doing is not a new thing. The atrocity being committed in Europe is, for lack of a better term, “Nothing New Under The Sun!” The entire Torah, certainly the Gospels are all about changed behavior in order to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Putin probably admires Sauron (The Lord of the Rings) or is in love with Darth Vadar, who knows? What Putin is not in love with is being a servant King, protecting life!

I have said many, many times while writing various articles on this website, ‘Next up, WAR!’ Perhaps, even a world war is shaping up?

I have also said many, many times, ‘The next phase of degenerate mankind who now willfully embraces Same Sex Unions, the Transgendered lunacy, Sex Traffic Industry of kids, obviously Abortion, government (shame) corruption, destruction of the family and a global community accepting immorality, is the loss of millions of lives! Up steps Putin, perhaps to usher in human catastrophe on a global scale!

And to think, Bill Gates was possibly hoping to depopulate with Gain of Function research via China! Perhaps between the next pandemic (which is surely planned) and nuclear weapons he will get his wish? China may even have a Death Star, too! The propensity of mankind to usher in opposition to GOD is why humanity has a problem being human! In America we call such opposition, the Democrat Party!

Ukrainian Government Official Blasts Biden And Democrats Click Here                                                Alex Wong/Getty Images


Putin has now shown to the world what GOD was conveying when addressing the foolishness of men.




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