From the comfort of my office (In my home) I am watching the horrific reality of Ukraine!  After watching the video above, I can’t help but to wonder how many civilians have been blown up while sitting in their homes?  An entire country is being blown up building by building. Homes are destroyed, businesses eviscerated, families sifting through debris hoping to recover their dead. I saw a video of a dog cowering in absolute fear…..

As I clicked onto various links updating myself with the events happening in Europe, I am sickened by what is on the web. The people in Ukraine are living this nightmare. At the moment, I feel like I have no right to even try an attempt at comprehending what these innocent civilians are experiencing. How can one man do this to an entire nation over, and over, and over again? History records these bastards by the dozens. They always produce death, destruction and horror; I am sickened today! (Human behavior does not change)


“The further we get from GOD, the less human we become” Professor Skip Moen

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