Pastor Joe Aymond made the following statement several months ago (Paraphrasing): “Perhaps the American Culture has changed so much so, that we are no longer what we were.”

Eryn Defoort’s article, “Is Decentralization the Healing Salve that Will Save Us?” offers an historical account highlighting a long, sustained effort to centralize (control) kids. Kids who become adults under these influences represent an ignorance to actual history across the spectrum. History is now a programmed, revised, lie that feeds on emotion as opposed to fact…hence CNN, MSNBC etc, etc! Well, I like Hope and so too, does my friend Eryn. Consider reading her very well written article, ‘why dontcha?’

For me, the “Plandemic” had a good side after all. The evil that exists in this world did not stop the rain from falling, the wind from blowing, nor have we lost our humanity. In my new home, there is a bird nest under construction under our patio roof. I watch the parent birds fly back and fourth with bits of shrubbery committed to making a home for their young. For as long as I am alive they are safe from me. I will do what I can to protect their natural purpose, they are supporting life!

Granted, the insanity of being emotion based ignoramuses is alive and well too. However, the desire for life, for freedom with common sense as a back drop is also still happening. The natural conditions that are gifted to all of us still out pace evil!

I have reached out to my web designer, Altha Technology in order to shift the focus a bit about why I do this. I can’t stop evil, it took me a measurable time (several months actually) to snap out of it! Those two birds in our back yard contributed to helping me appreciate the goodness that is the power behind the future, becoming the past. Life keeps happening despite the darkness that exists!

I am reconsidering Facebook because, Facebook has no control over me, I can take advantage of some of their platforms, so booyah!






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