Question: When watching old movie reels of people walking down bustling streets of black and white footage films in New York or San Francisco, circa 1900’s have you ever looked to see how many were fat or obese?



My friend Eryn Defoort wrote the following:

“I recently attended a gathering of friends who are changing many of their household products to a company called Melaleuca—which sources 95% of their raw materials from North America. The company’s growth tripled in the last 2 years. Why? Because they refused to sell out to big name monopolies and kept their manufacturing local.  When other companies who sourced from overseas were experiencing supply chain issues during Covid, Melaleuca was selling their surplus of locally-sourced raw materials to them.  They receive very tempting buy-out offers constantly, but refuse every offer. They know that if they sell they’ll get sucked into another centralized corporate giant, just like Burt’s Bees, who is now proudly owned by none other than Clorox”

The experience that my family and I went through over the stage 4 cancer scare opened the door for me to look for alternative medicines and wellness products. Friends (and strangers) from across the globe sent to me various concoction recipes, remedies and ideas on how to beat the cancer. The one common ingredient was plant based, herbs that grew out of dirt. I coined the phrase, “Dirt is not dirty!”

Subsequently, I learned that the American Medical Association was the brain child of John D. Rockefeller (1839–1937) and how most plant based medicines were replaced by petroleum based, synthesized chemicals! It was easy to connect the cancer plandemic to western medicines in my wittle-itty-bitty brain. You see, cancer exploded across the globe when the American Medical Association was born. Curing disease went into the trash, managing disease became an industry.

The same sort of mentality is being born today with mask wearing and social distancing. Not to mention a boat load of cash pouring into the pockets of the folks who pimp medicine…Have you had your 10th booster shot yet?

Every week a new drug is presented through the programming industry we call media in the form of advertising, many with side effects that would kill a rock! Like sheeple we watch the commercials and then “ask our doctors” about the unpronounceable name that helps us live with an illness! I noticed too, that my doctor is always eager to prescribe a medicine that will help. Perhaps they will help however, my skepticism is immediate along with my reluctance to run down to the pharmacy like a crack addict!

Like Eryn above, I sat through a presentation of the manufacturing company, Melaleuca. I, like many of you know about Melaleuca oil and are familiar with the name. However, I was not aware of how this company has grown. Needless to say, I was blown away by what they have done. Equally important to me was the fact that they were not a product of the Rockefeller, medical association. Their marching orders don’t come from Pfizer, Moderna or Tyrone who only delivers after 10:00 PM in Detroit!

My wife and I immediately filled up our home with several of the non toxic cleaning products, outstanding wellness supplements, and signed on to their business model. I wrote the following having been a part of Melaleuca for less than a month:

Melaleuca boils down to a couple of basics

1) Enrollment
The company pays customers a ton of money for bringing potentially new customers to the memberships.

2) Membership
Because, Melaleuca does not pay retailers, build stores across the globe, pay others to manufacture products or pay share holders, customers reap the monetary benefits through memberships The membership requires a $60.00 to $75.00 commitment to purchase their, non toxic, food grade, cleaning products, supplements & wellness products, makeup, shampoos & deodorant, etc, etc. Over 500 products and services are who Melaleuca is today! I have never seen my wife respond to my creating a home-based business with more enthusiasm. We have tried the MLM concepts in the past. (Okay, I have tried the MLM concepts in the past.) I have sat through Amway and other such meetings like a headstone in the cemetery several times!

I made $1000.00 via enrolling people who purchased and will purchase monthly via the membership This as the result of a promotion during the month of April.
In addition, I make a percentage of what they spend on products along with the folks they introduce to the manufacturing company. This is really the basic formula of how the business works

I have been using plant based “Alternative” medicines since cancer and now have alternative income!

Contact me if you want more information about why Melaleuca. I will share with you why my learning more about the company was an answer to prayer!  

I am not an Amway guy and neither is Melaleuca…okay, I am all in! I will refer 20 new, additional customers to this outstanding “Consumer Direct Marketing’ home based business in the month of May. Perhaps you will be one of them?

Watch the following video concerning the American Medical Association.



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