My friend Eryn Defoort writes articles on her Substack page which she has titled

The Silver Chord Project

Now, Eryn and I share many differences however, we both embrace common sense. We do not have to be inclusive because we are friends. The word friendship might throw a curve ball to those who have no common sense which they call wokeism! I wanted to share her latest effort.

Want to Slow Down the Transgenderism Agenda? Clean Out Your Refrigerator. click here

“But What About the Politics and Pedophiles?

I haven’t touched on the political origins of the Transgendersim agenda. That conversation deserves its own article. The tie between children transitioning and pedophilia among politicians is so stomach-turning that I’ll have to steal my nerves to go there.  I’m not ignoring it, I’m just trusting that if you read this article you’re probably already well-versed on that topic. If you’re not, go look up Cathy O’Brien’s story on You Tube. She’s an MK Ultra survivor who has a few stories about Joe Biden and his love of transgendered children.”



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