This might seem a bit silly to most but, I am that guy who drives through town marveling at what we accomplish. Typically, I will see a building or a bridge that was constructed or under construction thinking, Wow! I am always impressed by what humanity has done. The same holds true when I consider the thought behind stuffing envelopes, ten at a time! I used to work in a bulk mailing shop. I was often amazed at how the equipment was mechanized and perfectly timed to shove a letter or two, into a single envelope, on a conveyor fulfilling a ten thousand letter campaign. I have always been that person who is never afraid to engage strangers in passive conversation or to simply say hello. I see our ability in the most insignificant ways, I have a genuine love for people.

However, since moving closer to Seattle, Washington, a predominantly progressive liberal community and having witnessed Portland, Oregon become a bastion of progressive, liberal minded folks my ability to appreciate people is becoming a process as opposed to an appreciation. When trying to comprehend the He/She, Non Binary, Transgenderism, Same Sex Marriage or Unions, my ability to see the good in the world is now challenging! The very progressive movement to control parental rights away from parents, to make normal promiscuity, sexual identification against physical anatomy, and a host of immoral behaviors seem to all be based on sex. The agenda, (which is purposed and well-funded) has become a powerful political movement in most liberal cities, most public schools and college campus where progressive liberalism is pretty much cemented into the culture and curriculum. The consequences of this sort of thought are cascading through our culture not unlike an invading army hell bent of destroying just about everything!

I don’t nor am I able to marvel at this sort of human behavior!  I drive through Seattle, Washington disgusted each and every time that I pass through this cesspool. It usually starts when the homeless camps welcome you into the city! Portland, where all my children were born is like visiting a deceased but much loved family member’s gravesite! Portland, to both my wife and I is a dead zone! I do not see  a society under construction but rather a society hell bent on destruction. I see the brilliance of people now marginalized to a sort of orgasm or two! This seems to be the driving force behind the destruction of civility . A sort of social engineering is well underway with is root growing out of the selfish need to do whatever feels good no matter the consequence. Sex, the underlying issue which when traced through history is often the catalyst that causes the death of empire!

I perused a couple of articles below. Sex has been a part of humanity since the first birth of a child (I suppose) The perversity of sex has also moved through the pages of history. We are witnessing chaos and the destructive ability of humanity. I truly do not know how or if we can pull back from sexual insanity!

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