I will continue to support Donald Trump because it is the right thing to do

For eons humanity has fought for freedom. The United States of America fought against the crown and church of England. Germany had to be stopped by a world war in order for Europe to be free. Japan’s invasion of China inflicting barbaric brutality upon the citizenry. These are just three examples from recent history echoeing thru time! I wonder, daily if the American people comprehend the tyranny enveloping our government? The few voices shouting, loudly by elected officials are overwhelmed and or ignored by those in control of what is transpiring in America. Alvin Bragg not only understands this but has taken full advantage of the process that tyranny always ignores, the rule of law!

Watching the circus surrounding the politically motivated arrest of former president Donald J Trump is yet another bogus adjudication against one of our citizens who would dare to stand up to the tyranny. Donald Trump has been unfairly targeted by tyrannical processes, firmly entrenched in our government. I ask myself daily if Americans understand the shredding of “We The People” that happened during the Obama administration? We are now witnessing the result across virtually every institution that protected our Constitution and freedoms. The first so called “Black President”  truly did bring, “Change” to America! The police state has yet to become as obvious as were the brown shirts or Gestapo during Nazi Germany. Nevertheless, I would posit that a repetition of historical tyranny is well underway. With the arrest of Donald J Trump yesterday I am certain that others see the same. I wonder though if it is too late to stop the fall of America!

Meanwhile, the dollar is being put out to pasture while China moves to replace our ability to buy and sell. Several  countries have replaced the dollar around the globe with the Yuan and that number is growing. I watched the following video presentation a couple of days ago by Clayton Moore (Formerly of FOX news.) I totally get what he is addressing. I know from chatting with folks in my circle that most are clueless! (My sister sent this video to our siblings) Oh, if you don’t fully comprehend that China’s citizens are controlled perhaps this is why you cannot see what is happening to us.

Consider watching the entire video




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