WARNING: This will be a bit long.
There were times of my Facebook accounts that I had over 5000, “Friends” I did not know at least 4800 of them! Those numbers were back in the early days of Facebook. I had written the book “Uncoloring Race, Black to Breisheet” and was doing various speaking engagements (Locally) as well as a Sunday radio show of the same name on Salem Communications in Seattle. Eventually, and the more that I was able to compare today’s world to the ancient world, Facebook started putting me in jail for sharing true information. You see, I started experiencing the tyranny that we are all watching escalate several years ago and I wrote about it.
I had two more Facebook accounts after deleting the original one. I even left Facebook for two solid years. I went back to Facebook to support my wife’s new business. Well, true to form they suspended the account for 90 days because of my steadfast posting against the Covid vaccination (I kept posting the opposing scientific information that the world was not promoting!) Nevertheless, I was insanely excited about what was now my biblical understanding! Having gobbled up as much as I could studying within the Messianic concepts (Hebrew) in both the “Old and New Testament amazing revelation poured into my spirit.
Well, I am still there although not so much from all of the religiosity that we impose on the biblical translations. I prefer to see myself as a citizen in the Kingdom of GOD while living and serving in the “Kingdom” that is the United States of America. In other words, I see the Bible from an ancient perspective, written in ancient cultures full of historical times with historical people. I am now able to see the patterns that the bible offers throughout the millenniums regarding wars and rumors of wars, great destruction, and evil, tyrannical individuals that exist in every generation. So much so that I can see those very patterns todays. I will posit that one only need to look at the governments and political realities then and now to see the behaviors that humanity insists of repeating.
I sidestepped the spiritual realities that are very much a part of the biblical account long enough to see the lives of the people and the world they lived in. Now when I embrace the life of Jesus (Yeshua Proper) I can see the legality of what he was doing to renew a covenantal government based on the world that he was born into. The Gospel message which is universal to every book (Scroll) of the bible has a meaning far beyond what I was exposed to as a Christian in the Sunday services. Understanding the TORAH of GOD (Instructions) are based on the KINGDOM of GOD in the earth. Largely, both are restoring a behavior that supports life and a return to order from chaos. “Keep My Commandments” is a edict from the King of the Jews, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah for humanities benefit. This information was poured into a specific people, also for the benefit of the nations. I thank GOD often for the biblical account because the miracle in HOW the bible is written is mind blowing when one moves it out of a religious study opting instead to see the Kingdom story, ripe with political tyranny and governmental control of the people. There is no other book in publication that compares to the HOW the bible is choreographed! (The denominations of western Christianity have not been very kind to the text, just saying!) The entire book speaks of freedom from tyranny! Today, I just encourage folks to give the scriptures back to those who wrote them or who cataloged them and study the world at the time of their writings!
The bible is about, “Restoration of all things” but it is talking about Israel! We are not the audience that the bible is addressing! The rebirth of the nation of Israel is more in line with the biblical promises. Hint, hint MAY 14TH, 1948!
I just ordered another book: “The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament” Pat Boone wrote the following with regard to the book,
“Joseph Farah has researched and revealed this marvelous truth. And he, like I, has come to the full realization that not only are ‘all scriptures inspired by God,’ but that the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation is written by JEWS, ABOUT THE JEWS AND FOR THE JEWS – focused on little Israel and God’s chosen people through whom the whole world might be saved if they receive their own Messiah. Get excited as you read this!”
A gigantic swath of Jews believes in Yeshua but reject how the western  world turned him into a Goyim. Moreover, most Christians that I speak with don’t know this! Why did I write this and post it on WIMKIN? When touring Greece and Turkey last September (Paul’s Journey into Asia Minor) It hit me like a brick! Another mind-blowing epiphany if you will! The Hellenistic Empires are fallen, and their ruins represent the ancient world that those societies created. We, AMERICA are the product of those societies. We took the Messiah of the Hebrews and made him the head of the church in the same way that Emperor Constantine tossed out the Hebrew concepts that gave birth to Catholisim. Currently, our society is going even further away from the Hebrew Messiah and the principals that we borrowed to where we are now a facsimile of what gave birth to this nation….
Tyrannical government with corrupt politicians has pretty much shut down our biblical heritage! Unfortunately, our biblical heritage has moved so far away from GOD that we are swirling into chaos due to those who have no principals i.e., tyranny!
Wimkin is fighting for, FREEDOM. This too, is a pattern repeating. The Kingdom of GOD is now digital! [Were Abraham alive today he would be amazed at what GOD has done despite the failures that he too would have been familiar with.]
Simply put, it’s our turn to fight chaos. Professor Skip Moen wrote the following: “The further mankind gets from GOD the less Human we become”  I agree!
I don’t think Jesus is going to take the wheel. I actually think that He has gotten out of the vehicle and is allowing the nation to run the course that we have allowed our government to lead us. Our government has rejected, “Keep My Commandments” so too, has much of the church! GOD raised up a nation that was ruled by the citizens, a first in human kind! I suppose the next move of restoration will be by the hand of GOD because we seem to have lost the ability to stand for our….KING!


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