Reading Dr. Dinah Dye’s three books (Pictured) along with a host of other researched sholarship, added to what I have researched on my own. Yup, you can still learn a lot from a Jew (For you Bible folks)


I have started the process, once again to get my stuff out of YOU TUBE where I have been, “Shadow-Banned for much of the time that the videos have been posted. Of course, when I make a video, I suppose that my 6-year-old grandson can do a better job! I have never improved on quality nor am I as eloquent as those who have a “Kazillion” followers. Equally difficult for me is most of my subject matter is challenging much of the doctrine(s) woven throughout Christianity. Being a non-African American does not open many doors in the black community either. When I agree with the likes of Snoop Dog or the so called, “Rev Al Sharp-y (Sharpton) that I am indeed, an “Uncle Tom” and proud of it! Well, you can imagine how far that gets me in my so called community. GOD created skin color, we created racism, Nuff Said!

Nope, Adam and Eve most assuredly had different names and were most certainly not the first two people. (Cain’s wife simply feel out of the sky) Jesus was Jewish and would have never done away with the law, or Torah. Like so many others before and after him he was challnging political corruption and offering freedom to the people. Just so you know, I tossed the Catholic trinity stuff under the bus many years ago!  

Why on earth did Noah take SEVEN clean animals into the ark and TWO unclean? I guess you have to be Jewish to make that connection, huh? Now, really try hard to imagine GOD nailed to a tree by “Woke folk!” Yup, these people have been bizarre for millenniums! I truly believe that Bernie Sanders was in the crowd screaming, “Crucify Him!” Just how old is Bernie Sanders anyway?

Question: if the Jewish people did not, “Get It” why does every Pastor, Reverend, Bishop, Father, Pope, and so called Western Prophet quote, what they wrote about it?

Satan is not the arch enemy of the Christian, dupe who simply cannot overcome sin!  New Testament revisionism (doctrines) that tossed just about everything Jewish under the bus is not a good Sunday for me. I would posit too, GOD’S apparent nemesis did not have a red suit with pointed ears and a tail. Personally, I think he is a made-up demigod born from a Hellenistic paradigm. Afterall, in those days they had a god for table legs! (Just kidding, kinda-sorta)

As a black, non-African American, my love and respect for Rush Limbaugh (of blessed memory), deep respect for Larry Elder, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas undoubtedly shadow bans me from just about everything, that was formerly referred to as, “Black and Proud!” Not to be misunderstood, I am not a victim of the color of my skin or the slave trade. Rather, I am a warrior because of the freedom that every skin color on the planet has had to fight for! Incidentally, I grew up, ‘Black and Poor!” You see, our father left us for a bro!

Satan is a bad mother——, shut your mouth! (Or the busiest so-called angel in creation because, he gets blamed for everything wrong by most of us when we look in the mirror) go figure? For me, satan and adversity are two words representing a single truth…!

Now, about the videos, if I had a slew of professionals to teach me how to make better videos and at least another 4 or 5 hours in a day I would have an abundance of videos spewing out why I feel, believe, and think about the world as I see it. I would also share why I think life is amazing and that people are incredible *Except Hillary Clinton and Alvin Bragg!

In the meantime, I will sit here for the next “KaZillion” hours moving crappy videos to Rumble! Even in this, ‘If I do absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing will get done’.


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