I subscribed to ONE AMERICAN NEWS or oann.com. I sort of fell away from their platform well over a year ago, truth be told, I forgot about OAN. So, I caught Dan Ball’s show, Real America a couple nights ago, and loved every single minute of what he offers. I have been perusing the platform for the last few days, deciding to subscribe.

I wonder if missing Rush Limbaugh in the way that I do is having a sort of psychological reflex in that I am even more consumed with attaching myself to whatever conservative stronghold is available? Perhaps it really is just about finding truthful information and committed individuals who defend our voices in media and who embrace the United States Constitution.

Conservative values or more succinctly, common sense and the people who possess it must never fear what it offers, order from chaos. The Bible calls this “WISDOM!”

Before I forget……Have you all heard of Mammoth Nation? (I had no idea this existed) https://mammothnation.com/


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