Wanna learn a thing or two?
I have many, many friends who have said (over these last several years) the following:
1) Hillary will be arrested
2) Barack Obama will not get re-elected
3) Donald Trump will be re-instated as President
4) The criminal activity in our government will be exposed and the swamp will be arrested
5) GOD will restore America etc, etc, etc I have said to all of them…
I DON’T THINK SO in fact, I am pretty sure that it will get much, much, much worse!
The Biblical text was written in various cultures where by the legal systems, of many of those times were covenant structured. From the ancient Hittite kingdom to Egyption, Persian, and Hellenistic periods covenants were a normal course of law and order. In short, covenants were a big, big deal. Death or indentured servitude were consequences when covenants were broken. Jesus (Yeshua) said [stressing], “Keep My Commandments” of which the writers cataloged in several (so called) New Testament books. The entire book of Deuteronomy is a Constitution drafted with covenant language (See Meridith Kline) The birth of the Kingdom/Government of Israel was occurring “Keep My Commandments” were obligatory in nature when following a Kingdom protocol, sweariing allegiance to the King or entering into a covenant.
The United States of America was granted a “Royal Covenant” with a declaration to GOD and a committment to honor GOD via biblical Governance. “Obey My Statutes, My Commandments and My Laws” “One Nation Under GOD” is covenant language setting precedent for obligatory committment to the throne of GOD. Our nation has broken covenant for decades! The end result is always destruction, lost kingdom, the death of thousands and lost territory. Breaking Covenant has horrific consequences.
Our problem today is that our nation does not recognize the Sovereinty of GOD. In the ecomonmy of GOD when we toss out the instructions the consequences or what happens next is not good. In other words….
If you toss a bowling ball off of a building it won’t go up!
When we agree to honor GOD and then decide to ALLOW
1) Woke
2) Abortion
3) Same Sex Unions
4) Gender Neutrality
5) Corruption
6) Redefining Women
7) Enacting laws against the covenant
8) Detroying the constitution that governed the Royal Grant (the land) etc, etc, etc
Things do not get better

We in modern Christianity do not understand the “ORDER OF THE KING” Nor so we understand that Salvation is the beginning of our obligation to keep Covenant with the Savior who fullfilled his oath to ancient Israel as well as allowed te nations to be grafted into….COVENANT with GOD! Freedom is always the goal of the KINGDOM of GOD. The idea of America is being tossed off a building and I promise you, that idea will not float up!


For those who don’t care, none of the above means anything!


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