Fitness guru, 30, Died Suddenly of an Aneurysm

Jo Lindner had four vaccines and complained of weird bloodwork on a podcast weeks before he died suddenly

JUL 6, 2023

Bodybuilder Jo Lindner died suddenly on July 1, 2023 from a sudden aneurysm. He complained of neck pain just days earlier. He was 30 years old.

Jo Lindner was a German Fitness guru who was popular on Instagram with nearly 10 million followers.

In the now chilling video (above) he talks about his four COVID-19 vaccines and his blood work before and after.

Lindner said that he felt “peer pressured” to get four COVID-19 vaccines. After getting the vaccines, he started to have doubts about his decision. He asked himself, “What did I do?” He then had his blood tested by a doctor, who found heavy metal particles and a white substance in his blood. The doctor explained that these findings were from the COVID-19 vaccination.

The “white substance” may have been similar to the white fibrosis clots that embalmers are still pulling out daily.

He then underwent a procedure called plasmapheresis twice. Plasmapheresis is a blood-cleaning procedure that removes extra antibodies, abnormal proteins, or other harmful substances from the blood. It is typically used to treat certain autoimmune diseases, blood clotting disorders, poisonings, or cancers when other treatments have not been successful or when the condition is life-threatening.

The interview clip above was from June 8th, 2023. Jo Lindner died 23 days later on July 1, 2023.

Jo Lindner died suddenly after 4 mRNA vaccines. Some blame his (admitted) use of testosterone in his bodybuilding which can have serious health risks but it’s hard to look past the four COVID shots and his own reports of unusual bloodwork.

As many doctors have said before athletes who regularly push their bodies to the limit are at the highest risk of sudden death from the spike protein. Intense exercise in the vaccinated is dangerous.

Do you think the vaccines played a role in his aneurysm? I certainly do.

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