“Formation of the Christian Church” (is not what you were taught)

Jul 6, 2023 | Biblical, News and Opinion, Skip Moen

I downloaded, once again one of the most accurate lectures I have ever heard with regard to the “Formation of the Christian Church” I first heard this presentation several years ago by Professor Skip Moen. I was at the time, learning to cooberate information before posting or promoting. I learned a hard lesson once about posting information that was not true. I can’t remember where I found an article discussing dead bodies buried in the door ways of Roman cathedrals in order to keep anything Jewish from entering the building. Purportedly, the catacombs throughout Rome, Italy and or cemetaries around churches were also done for this sreason according to the material I was researching. Professor Skip Moen was not making this stuff up.

I now understand how much of what we have taken for granted as true actually is not true at all. I have long argued that much (certainly not all) of what the American child learned about slavery for example is revised.  Not only were the Islamic Slave traders not mentioned in the highschool studies but neither was the slave owners that dotted the American south, who were black, ever discussed. I learned about a coordinated effort to teach what was not true through the celebrated John Dewey, especially when it came to biblical thought via the creation account.

A rather amazing historical fact is the story of Anthony Johnson. He was possibly the one person in American history who caused the slave trade to explode! I have asked numerous black folks if they knew who Anthony Johnson was. Not one person to date, knew who this black man was or who John Castor was! [The Horrible fate of John Castor]

“This article provides a thorough analysis of John Dewey and his theory experimentalism. John Dewey was a leader in education and philosophy of his time. Still today his ideologies have a place in educational curriculums across the globe. John Dewey believed that students learn from human experiences. Furthermore, Dewey believed that student experiences shape the future decisions that a learner engages in. Although Dewey’s work faced scrutiny, Dewey’s thoughts are still relevant in education reform today. This article resurfaces the need for whole child research considerations and inclusive learner experiences like Dewey’s work many years ago when making educational decision and building curriculum that meet the needs of individuals to promote a positive global change.” [Source https://www.researchgate.net/publication/338471133_John_Dewey_A_Look_at_His_Contributions_to_Curriculum]

I understand that this sort of revised history is fundamental in church doctrines. Professor Skip Moen articulates this very well when giving a more accurate, historical account. I remember reading several antisemitic comments from church fathers who hated anything Jewish. I have asked over the last several years, what affect did this have on what we believe today? I now fully understand that what we believe is a far cry from what is the actual history.

I download again, as forementioned the lecture having listened to the Professor’s account several times years ago because, I myself, am further down the road with what I now understand. I remember coming across the following information which confirmed much of what the professor addresses with regard to several so called, “Church Fathers” I firmly agree that Anti Semitism was born in the Christian church! Today, our education system is again teaching curriculum that has nothing to do with education but more to do with indoctrination.

I think I can disqualify much of what I was taught about my faith in Jesus, the head of the church today because I understand better his Jewish heritage and the culture from whence he was raised up in. I spend a great deal of my time encouraging people to consider giving Jesus back to his Hebrew identity! I fear that 50 years from now most will believe he was gay, married to a man and was not the resurrected, King of the Jews!

The cost of the lecture to download is $8 Go ahead, download it and then do your own research! Click Here

“The usual explanation of the formation of the Christian Church suggests that Christianity grew out of  first century Judaism.  But recent scholarship shows this to be wrong.  Christianity as a religion was created in opposition to the Jewish way of life of the first century.  It defined itself in terms that created the anti-Semitism of later centuries.This lecture series examines the political, economic and social environment of the Roman Empire before and after the birth and death of Yeshua as the essential background for understanding why and how the Christian Church was formed.  Following recent historical scholarship, these lectures go on to show that the men who created the Christian religion did so with deliberate anti-Semitic rhetoric and an intentional accommodation of the Roman lifestyle.

These lectures will give you the real story behind the emergence of Christianity as one of the world’s most powerful religions.  But what you learn may shock and surprise you.”

My thought was to offer a few historical facts about revised history…You don’t know it was revised until you do your own research! Revised history is a fact in both Catholic and Christian history and…..doctrines!

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