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I recently listened to, again Professor Skip Moen’s lecture of the “FORMATION OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH” In fact, I listened to his audio several times while driving to and from work. The first time that I heard this was a few years ago after bringing him to town for a weekend conference. Back then I was doing deep dives in antisemitism. I read Malcolm Hay’s, “The Roots of Christian Anti-Semitism.” I have a copy in front of me. I also started reading material from folks like Origen, Chrysostom, and several other so-called church fathers. I researched several pogroms using this website (Click Here) as a sort of guide back to the historicity of it all. I agree with much of what Skip Moen, and others offer.

More recently, I have been looking into what was worship to Abraham. When I consider the revisionist methods used to rid the western, religious system of anything Jewish or Hebrew I find it hard to validate just about everything that Catholicism and Christianity do! I remember reading somewhere how the dead were buried in the churches or in the doorways of Cathedrals to keep Jews out. Moreover, the cross would have been a sign of death to the ancient world in particularly to Jews. I have gone through hours of study on replacement theology, etc., etc. Abraham would have not had either influences or known Judaism (and the various sects) I certainly do not agree about a “Satan Being” in the western prophetic, demonic battle royal. I see governments allied against the wisdom of GOD and the sanctity of life…I have pages and pages of history to revisit as my confidence.

The Gospel message is Jewish. I can’t help but think the whole of Christendom is in collapse and, rightly so. When in Asia Minor, reflecting on the gods that inspired these empires, these too, were nation states that ultimately vanished. I do think most of the western empires are of a Roman heritage, certainly not governed by the Sanhedrin (Numbers 11:16). I saw polytheism in ruins while Greek Orthodoxy and Islam (Not radical) existing together with war between Turkey and Greece……possible. While we were there in fact, that conversation was in the air.

Okay, so I have wondered what worship looked like long before the Brit Chadasha. Not only with the many gods that were just about everywhere but also with Israel. My sense is that what has been done in the churches is part of the revisionist motif and not historical.I have long held the belief that antisemitism was born in the church. Nevertheless, I have been in Jewish Synagogues (Conservative), have no clear understanding of Chabad and probably, subconsciously avoid Ultra-Orthodox synagogues. When I consider Hollywood and the Jewish money that supports the decadence of it all…what’s the difference?

I have gone to a few Torah based small groups having totally disconnected from El Shaddai Ministries. The problem for me with the small groups is they serve the idea that being grafted into Israel is the goal but the foundation for almost all of what happens there is Christian. Furthermore, they do nothing but celebrate the sabbath insofar as what it means to that particular small group. External influences in the culture at large is nonexistent.

I see catastrophic events unfolding but not from a doom and gloom perspective but rather from the tyrannical behaviors “allowed” in the KINGDOM of GOD. I see such events as inevitable and or consequential. The consequences are not happening because of failure to observe torah they happen because men have rejected the natural order how all this works!  Chaos is what perverts’ life which ultimately destroys life! When has it not been true?

Christianity is the result of government forcing a complete retelling of a very Jewish historical event whereby denominational influences reshaped the contextual meaning of just about every Hebraic thought…I don’t know what a Torah observant lifestyle is. My thoughts are more so wondering what worship consisted of in Abraham’s covenant, keeping culture. At best what I can do is study the Bible with a different lens and to serve people in need where and when I can. I don’t think being Torah observant means being Jewish, dressing in what I think first century Jews wore or being blind to events in many of the GOD centered traditions and commandments that were poured into this people. We know them because they are part of what it is to be Jewish. (I have never thought that being Jewish was a religion!)

A final thought

I am trying not to be dogmatic in discarding so much. I wonder what it would be like if religion was not the foundation of every conversation concerning biblical exegesis.  What if government was when discussing anything biblical? I remember thinking, ‘The destruction of the Twin Towers was the manifestation of the collapse!’

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