From: Dr. Simone Gold

According to a recent Lancet review studying 325 post-vaccine autopsies, 74% of the deaths were caused by the mRNA vaccine. If you missed this game-changing report, it’s because Lancet removed it from their website within 24 hours with a dismissive disclaimer about the study’s methodology. This is yet further proof that tyrannical forces in government, Big Pharma and the media will do any- and every-thing to protect the false ‘safe and effective’ narrative about the shot — the health and welfare of the American people be damned! And our sole motivation continues to be the health and welfare of the American people! We will continue to serve as your trusted source, providing updates on the latest developments related to the toxic Big Pharma injection. Our primary objective is to keep you well-informed by debunking lies and giving you reliable, fact-based information.  Even if the truth is difficult for many to hear.



To date, the short-term side effects have included blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, anaphylaxis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, and other neurological problems. We have yet to learn the long-term side effects. However, physicians, mainly outside the United States, have begun reporting many other types of post-injection illnesses, including vascular, autoimmune, and skin disorders. The CDC and the White House are actively playing down the dangers, and many in the U.S. medical community are not reporting the side effects experienced by their patients to VAERS, the CDC’s vaccine adverse effects reporting system. But the data keeps coming. And the truth is getting even more difficult for tyrannical forces to suppress. For example, a study completed by top South Korean researchers and funded by the South Korean government, determined that the mRNA vaccine likely killed hundreds of healthy young adults globally. Their peer-reviewed study suggests mRNA-related myocarditis killed between 300-500 people under the age of 45 globally, with most of the deaths never officially linked to the shot. The data was hidden. The researchers concluded, “Vaccine-related myocarditis was the only possible cause of the deaths.”

Finally, excess deaths are up since the experimental injection was introduced. Countries that used mRNAs are now well into their second year of excess deaths unrelated to Covid. For example, in England and Wales, registered deaths are currently 10.1% above their five-year average. Deaths simply will not return to baseline. Despite the false narrative that continues to be parroted from legacy media, the shot is deadly! All it creates are life-ending or life-threatening side effects, and no one should be forced or compelled to take the toxic injection! And despite the risks of saying this, America’s Frontline Doctors will continue to fight for the health and welfare of the American people by providing factual, scientific-supported data about the Big Pharma injection, COVID-19 and its treatments. But we can’t do it without your help. America’s Frontline Doctors rely on the support of friends just like you. You’ve been so faithful to medical freedom in the past. Can I ask you once again for a generous gift today?

The battle is just beginning. Stay tuned!

For Liberty,

Simone Gold, MD, JD
Founder & President
America’s Frontline Doctors
The Trusted Name for Independent Information

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