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I absolutely believe in the death and the resurrection of the man called Yeshua! (Personally, he was the GOD of the Bible in my opinion) The verse quoting Matthew (pictured) was not writing about Catholics and Christians.

I remember vivid images of ISIS tearing down historical monuments throughout Iraq and other locations in Mesopotamia. This type of destruction is not new but rather historically common. The idea is to remove, erase and or destroy the political or religious dynasty by a conquering kingdom. In the case of ISIS, religious war against infidels. More recently we have seen similar activity in the United States with the removal of historical pictures, statutes, and individuals who played important roles in the establishment of our Republic as well as those who fought in our civil war. As a child growing up in Rochester, NY I was always fascinated by history. Visiting the gravesite of Frederick Douglas Jr. in Mt Hope Cemetery or walking through the home of Harriet Tubman in Auburn, NY furthered my curiosity about the world that these people lived in. It was always about the people for me.

When I accepted Jesus as my, “LORD and SAVIOR” wow, it was like being connected to an ancient world whereby the GOD of Creation was a real thing! I was not raised in a religious home as a child. As I began to read the Bible and study what was being taught in the churches, I was never really connected to the people that I as reading about which was problematic. I was taught that they were responsible for the death of Jesus and that the disciples along with Paul changed the course of human history with the creation of the church. Jesus was now the head of the church. I would listen intently to the sermons and read the Bible based on the filter created for me by the pastors. Eventually, I started asking questions because more than a few things did not make sense! I wanted to know where the disconnect from the Jewish people happened regarding, ‘Why don’t we know what they know?’

I remember reading about Helena, the mother of Emperor Constantine the so called, first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity. The more that I read about her the nuttier she became! When doing research without the filter presented in Christian and Catholic history…this woman was evil! The Church of the Holy Sepulcher that she had erected soon became an historical site which erased the history concerning the Jewish Messiah and much of the Jewish concepts. Learning about Constantine the Great was a starting point back in the day. One has to do their own investigation into these things, there simply is too much to address here.

Back to the main point

I started leaning about pogroms against anything Jewish. As I delved into the history of the horrific treatment of these people by the churches in Europe and Russia I asked a simple question, ‘How did this affect what I am learning in the Sunday sermons?’ I soon realized that much of what I was learning was Revised History. When I learned that within Christianity 36,000 + doctrines were responsible for many of the translation in the New Testament. I thought, God has too many doctrines! To my surprise, context had been manipulated to promote church doctrines in western theology via the translations and not the Jewish people or the culture, heritage and reality of Jesus the Jew. This explained a lot about the confusion I was stuck in.

Today’s Christian mind is based on many of the revisions and contextual changes to the biblical text. For nearly 1900 years. Our generation does not know the back story to most of the biblical conversations that are sort of bandied about in the churches. Certainly, the Hebraic culture of first century biblical writers is not a point of discussion. Nor are we in tuned with the New Testament writers recording historical events within a Hellenistic, Roman/Greek world. The Christian western dynamic did not exist when Paul the Pharisee, trained under the tutelage of Gamaliel was writing his letters and presenting his thoughts based on the writings of Moses. Paul was committed to restoring the context in his day as well.

Fast forward to now.

After going on nearly seventeen years of research I now realize how much of the revised history and contextual changes in the New Testament account is really, Crazy Christian Stuff! I understand what REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY did in how we understand the text two centuries later. The problem is encouraging the average Christian to do their own research. It’s tantamount to taking away a core belief that an individual’s entire life depends on, I truly understand! Most people are reluctant to challenge the Seminary trained church leaders.

And here is why:

The flip side of the ‘Crazy Christian Stuff’ is how many lives were changed because of what Christianity taught. The biblical principles that came out of all those revisions and contextual misappropriations were schools, hospitals and quite literally a nation where freedom was the clarion call for millions of people. The Catholic charities that have helped millions of people around the globe and for decades is not something to ignore because of theological castration of the biblical account (in my opinion) What was understood is helping others. The largest problem within both communities’ is the absence of what GOD was doing, is still doing, and will continue to do, forever… is his promises to a place called Israel. The conditioning of anything Jewish away from those who maintained the integrity of the Torah and the Temple is unknown to most of Christendom. In the minds, the hearts, and the souls of the western world’s biblical understanding, raised up out of the Roman/Greco world is the Jews are the old thing, and the church is the new thing. Therefore, ignoring the old thing while revising the new thing removes the original thing. The most important of which is about Israel.

  • The biblical account is from the land of Israel.
  • The gospel message is from the land of Israel.
  • The people who were raised up and who carried the instructions of GOD became, Israel.
  • Jesus was born in Israel.
  • Jesus died in Israel.
  • Jesus was raised up in Israel.
  • Jesus promised to return to Israel.

According to Malcolm Hay in his book, “The Roots of Anti-Semitism” he writes, the return of Israel is accomplished. A hope which never weakened during the weary centuries of exile has been fulfilled.’’

Whenever I share the idea of Israel being the miracle of the modern world I contend with antisemitism in so far as how those people don’t accept Jesus or these are not the real Jews, or the Jews were black folk. I spent hours researching many of the characterizations of “THOSE FAKE JEWS” And yes, I have examined the Khazarian Jews of Turkey and other parts of Europe who converted to Judaism. I have heard a plethora of responses all focused on the people and not the biblical promises of GOD about Israel. It is almost a necessity to point out Jews are bad, Christians are good. This is what the common filter is as a result of antisemitism in church teaching. I have proved this numerous times!

What I have come to accept is the imperfection in all of us whether Jew or non-Jew. I have no idea how GOD will restore the tribes of Israel, but I am a witness to the rebirth of the nation. Equally worth mentioning is that I have no idea how the return of the Messiah will occur or when. I do know that understanding the biblical text when restored to the Hebrew a gigantic restoration of the text, contextually happens.

It becomes abundantly clear why most in the Jewish world reject the transformation of Yeshua to Jesus, the head of the church. I can honestly say that after the many pogroms against anything Jewish, I too would reject anything that celebrated the slaughtering of the Jewish people during the last two centuries by governments born out of church doctrines. The hatred towards those scattered throughout the world by the hand of GOD was horrific! I am reminded of Ezekiel chapter 20 whereby GOD made a declaration about Israel while preserving his oath according to the writings. All of what was ordained happened. Because we have a recorded history of the tragedies that happened to Israel and the biblical account of why, it blows my brain up when I consider what Christianity has done to the people scattered!

Having now understood the birth of doctrine after doctrine, denomination after denomination, virtually all side-step what is revealed in the biblical text because, most do not connect Christ to Israel. Christ is the epitome of revised history in the context of the western exegesis. Most do not connect him to the Temple of Israel or know much about the significance of ancient Temples in Mesopotamia and what they represented. For me, learning about the ancient Hebrew alphabet, learning about the Temple of Israel and it various functions, learning about the Tanakh (Instructions of Godly government and set apart behavior) embracing what the TORAH actually is, learning about the cultures of ancient Israel and the hidden information coded into what GOD poured into this people blows my mind in a different way, its amazing!

Daniel Boyarin, in his book, The Jewish Gospels writes, “The Jews infrequently argue that Christianity appropriated the Hebrew Bible and turned it to its own non-Jewish purposes, thus distorting its meaning.” The problem for most in the Christian world is many have no idea this happened. Our approach to the scriptures is rooted in revisionist writing and translations. One simply does not know what they don’t know.

I remember Dr. Dinah Dye, who is Jewish saying to me, “When I read the New Testament for the first time back in the 70’s I realized this is Jewish” She was able to connect the entire New Testament to the Exodus story seeing Jesus as the Jew who renewed the covenant. Most in Christendom do not have a concept of what Dr. Dye is referring to. She accepted the account of Jesus because she recognized the “Old Testament” account of him. [Imagine that?]

In summary, I would encourage those who would even read this lengthy article to consider giving the Bible back to Israel and to then un-learn what God is trying to restore us away from.  I would not waste much time waiting for the rapture of the church that tortured, castigated, and defamed the people of Israel for nearly two centuries. That’s probably a very dumb thing to do. Besides that theory was introduced in the 1800’s. None of us is better than the people GOD used to tell us about him. This is why you and I have their writings on the subject. God knows, they like us, are not a perfect people. I do see them as his chosen people but not because he does not appreciate the rest of us. Rather, because he was reaching out to the rest of us, through Israel! I will once again recommend the following lecture by Professor Skip Moen (Pay the $8.00) and then confirm what he offers. The church did not start in the way you and I are taught

A final caution: Chaos has blanketed the nations of the earth. The wisdom of GOD, revealed in the scriptures is tossed aside. Consider reading Ezekiel 20 but this time apply it to today’s church, both Catholic and all the rest of the denominational congregations who have not kept GOD’s Statutes, Commandments and Laws! I firmly believe that a paradigm shift must occur for the filter, that we all have, as believers is set aside. I think it a critical thing to keep an eye on Israel and to see the hand of GOD working in the land and people of Israel. He did, after all, promise them a few things.

I never said GOD was not involved in the church. I am suggesting that we go back and see just how involved He is with….Israel.

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  1. Michael Ortega

    My one comment is that Yeshua n3ver started a new religion man always steps in to show God how it should be done. Also first followers of Yeshua were call the Way, which Saul/Paul was persecuting! So the antisemitism really started among themselves but got more entangled as the Greeks became followers and then they were antagonized by Juadizers. Then on and on. We were not called Christians until there were “other “ followers of Yeshua, which is mulch later than New Testament writings. And everyone seems to write a history with their own prejudices, even to this day! I deeply appreciate the works of Dr. Dinah and John Walton and you,Jeff that opened doors of Scriptural understanding that have enhanced my journey of Faith! On ward and in upward, from your favorite satan of challenge!

    • Jeff Morton

      Satan of challenge? what in the world does that mean?

  2. Jeff Morton

    I think that I have found and corrected all of the typos….a constant thing that I have to do…lol


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