I keep addressing the ancient concepts because GOD purposed these people to interpret what he was doing. What is recorded for all generations is presented to all of us through an ancient world. I just think we owe it to ourselves to understand as much as is possible what they understood.

Dr. Dinah Dye and I did a couple of shows regarding how the ancient world would have understood Heaven. The point of each show was to return to the concepts and cultural reality of the world at that time. Obviously, the books of the Bible span hundreds of years with differing cultures addressing ancient material much in the same way we are doing now. These books were often cataloged many years after the writer was deceased. Such was the case of the first five books written by Moses. I often explain that when Moses is sharing information about the garden in Eden his audience was not part of the Eden story. The flood story would have been known in several cultures at the time. Their association with differing cultures sharing the flood story would not have been unfamiliar to them. Moses was sharing information that happened years before his and their births. He is doing so in one of many Egyptian cultures. Dinah and I did the podcast for just about two years. I am not sure if I will pay to keep the shows on line after the the PODBEAN expiration date for this year happens in September

I forgot that the Part Two recording was crunchy (Sorry in advance)

A very scholarly read, the book by Professor L Michael Morales “THE TABERNACLE PRE FIGURED” made what we are discussing more fact based as opposed to hyperbole. Understanding the ancient cosmology the tree would have been the connecting mechanism for all three realms or the tripartite concepts. Hence Jesus nailed to a tree or Ezekiel’s ladder are both representing connecting the Godly realm to the earthly realm. I learned a great deal about this from Dr. Dinah Dye but also L Michael Morales and several other scholars.

The main reason that I do not have a religious filter about all of this today is due in part to what I have researched. The world of the biblical writers was not connected to the replacement minded exegesis of the last 1800 years. When returning to the thoughts, the context and the methodology of the ancient world what Jesus actually was doing is preparing for a revelation to come……..It is mind blowing when we understand the Kingship of his crown and court. The Jews are waiting for the Messiah. I have spoken with many who understand that to mean, HIS RETURN!

Please understand what was erased by church doctrines and return to what GOD is doing THROUGH Israel


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