I survived a brain aneursm and stage four cancer in my throat. Both prompted me to pay attention

This was not fun, trust me!

I have been using Protandim products for four years now. I have taken a bit of a break so as to send my monthly order to a friend who is suffering a very unusual affliction. I am believing the products (which are basically food, Herbal) help restore his mytochondria. Not sure what the outcome will be nor have I made any claims that it will. In the meantime, I have been taking a packet of Elderberry Juice that I found when doing a search for the benefits of elderberry. The packets are a single serving of the elderberry, tart not sweet. I will resume the Protandim NRF1 and NRF2, I absolutely believe in the products and the science. (I am also a distributor but I don’t spend hours trying to get YOU to become a client) Do your own research especially pubmed articles.

With regard to the elderberry, I spoke with the owner, Scott Johnson out of Wisconsin over a month ago as I went looking for a place to purchase the elderberry juice. I was impressed with his story and why he decided to produce the berry extract. I made my second order a few days ago. When the order arrived I had a few bonus packets added…nice! I have for over a month used a packet a day. I tear the packet open and squeeze the juice directly into my mouth, I don’t mix it in water or anything else. It’s not like taking a drug rather, it is adding something to my body that it wants and needs.

So why share this information?

My wife works in a local hospital. She deals with sickness and disease daily. The cost of being hospitalized is crazy as we all know. In my mind I think, what can I do now with my money to enjoy better health as opposed to giving a gigantic dollar amount to a hospital for not taking better care of my body. I started learning about the many products that grow out of the dirt. I even started a website declaring, DIRT IS NOT DIRTY. I did not have the time to really work the site but I learned so much from researching herbs and plants that are specifically created for the body. Someone shared with me, GOD’S PHARMACY a website that sort of confirmed, DIRT IS NOT DIRTY! I have written many posts about how amazing we are and how synthesized phamaceuticals or medicines made from oil, yes oil (certainly not all) do not compare to what grows out of the dirt. GOD knew what our bodies needed.

I encourage you to put into your body what it wants and needs in order to function. This Elderberry Extract out of Wisconson is a good choice! Put down the Chips and the Cheetos, get healthy! If you place an order click the link on my home page and use the promo code FEAR20 provided.

Aslo, do your due dilligence with regard to anything that you put into your body (Most people took a jab for Covid without knowing what was put into their body….INSANITY!)



Just Click The Pics

Amazing , must see!


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