I began unraveling the long held Christian understanding of SATAN about 5 or 6 years ago. Certain biblical passages just did not make sense when reverting translations and/or transliterations back into Hebrew (I do not read or speak Hebrew fluently, I just try to see what the word or words meant at the time they were written.) This post could become a mile or two long if I were to point out all the inconsistencies surrounding “The Devil.”  I have read some rather ridiculous assertions about why Satan does not exist! I could easily distance myself from various theories and conjectures because of the Biblical text.

I met via the internet and subsequently interviewed James Brayshaw who was vilified for daring to challenge the status quo concerning the dude with the pointed ears and red skin! I ordered his books, all of them, and read his research. I clearly saw the vast amount of study and deep diving that Mr. Brayshaw did. What was rather consistent is his reliance of the words and what they word have meant centuries ago. I accepted much of his research (Not all) and confirmed many of the details that he points out. YOU see, I also questioned this so-called nemesis of the Creator who could invade the lives of people to upset GOD’s plans.

I have distanced myself from the traditional telling of Jesus, the Christ choosing to restore his Jewish identity. In so doing I have a better understanding of the legality of the Kingdom of GOD as opposed to the Church of Christ. Furthermore, I absolutely agree with the death, the burial and the resurrection of a Jewish man who I recognize as GOD in the flesh or Yeshua. Moreover, I better understand from an ancient legal system why this event occurred. Much to do with covenant agreement as opposed to dying for my sins but, that is relevant as well.

I offer an analogy:

If I gave to you and “TRUTH” that you followed for most of your life and then you found out what I gave to you was a revision to a story that I did not want you to know……and you found out would you want to know the original TRUTH? Quoting: “A lie is something added to the truth” (Can’t remember who I am quoting)

James Brayshaw: Amazon

I have found it to be true that most people believe what they agree with. Rare for the folks to challenge their agreement, especially when confronted with information that challenges their filter.


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