White Coat Summit

History shows us how totalitarian regimes subtly and systematically erode the rights of their citizens to seize control. It is a stepwise progression that begins with censorship, restricting assembly and association, a state-run media, and politicizing the judiciary… which is exactly what we saw during the “plandemic” and are still seeing today.

At this time in our nation’s history, we cannot allow ourselves to be lulled into forgetfulness, or quick to forgive and forget. The very survival of our Constitutional Republic depends on it.

American citizens are endowed by God to govern their own health, even during a pandemic. And they must have the choice to collaborate with a trusted, uncensored doctor, who is free to practice the unfettered art of medicine absent government threats.

That’s why America’s Frontline Doctors gathered in DC for the White Coat Summit, to call out the bad actors working to create a totalitarian system of healthcare where patients’ and doctors’ rights are completely eradicated.

That’s why I have vowed to “Drain the Science Swamp” and have named the Deadly Disinformation Dozen to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice.


It costs a substantial amount of money to research, compile, edit and launch this incriminating, evidentiary video. That’s what we do: we show the receipts. Because seeing is believing.

But we can’t do it without you, our most faithful supporters! We need your generosity at this crucial time when our medical freedoms are on the brink of disappearing!

I am asking for a donation of any amount to help fund the important work of exposing corruption and demanding accountability.

The illusion that lockdowns, social distancing, masks, and COVID-19 shots were required, based on the fabricated “Emergency Use Authorization” is over. The Day of Reckoning is here.

America’s Frontline Doctors depends solely on the support of citizens just like you who understand what’s at stake. Your gift today ensures our pursuit of accountability and helps us prepare for the next ‘emergency’ that will surely come and be weaponized against us.

Any reprieve that we may enjoy now is likely only temporary. Please give now to keep fightingIt is no exaggeration to say again that the very survival of our Republic depends on it.

For Liberty,

Simone Gold, MD, JD
Founder & President
America’s Frontline Doctors
The Trusted Name for Independent Information

P.S. We have more exclusive insights and highlights from this spectacular event coming your way. Stay tuned!


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