Consider one question:

Why were the opposing sciences concerning the Covid Pandemic referred to as disinformation and shut down from discussion across the globe?

I watched the following this weekend Click Here

I also watched several, not all of the following but, I will get to them all and you should too! WHITE COAT SUMMIT 2023

Our Saturday congregation played the information that Michelle Bachman offers (which I knew about) I was so glad that the leadership is getting the information out to people.



Michele Bachmann Discusses the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty with Tony Perkins on Washington Watch [You should listen to this dicussion]

I have no idea how all of this unfolds. I believe the covid virus was released. I believe the prosecution of Donald Trump is a global coordinated effort. I believe China is buying land with in the United States of America and already waging war against our nation through the CCP. I believe that China is flooding our country with Fentanyl and other drugs. I believe the LGBT political movement is meant to divide. I believe racial tensions are also part of the war effort against our country. I am watching a brilliant attack on the idea of America happening in just about every level of our society. I really don’t know how this all turns out and what the cost will be. I just know that the people who are fighting back against the activity to dismantle America are not unified or one voice. I also consider too that a great deal of Americans are just trying to get through the day……..and cannot see the attack that is purposed to destroy our freedoms. This is, in my opinion, BIBLICAL!

We have no southern border…. Think it through people?

And for those of you who use terms like, “The ENEMY is busy (satan, or the devil, or lucifer, or the dude in the red suit with the pointed tale)  I have a question for you: Why has GOD allowed “the satan” to do all of this now?

I do not believe in the satan of Christianity. I do believe in the adversity that mankind uses when raising a fist to YAHWEH, in defiance. Pharaoh of Egypt wanted to control and enslave the descendants of Abraham. The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION along with THE UNITED NATIONS want to do the same to a global community. Human behavior does not change. In a digital world what the “God-Complex” folks aim to do just happens much faster!



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