Do You Still Think the Consequences are Coincidental?

Aug 28, 2023 | Biblical, Jeff Morton

The Kingdom of GOD directs the invading armies….For The Bible tells me so



As I study and prepare to do a video about the ancient world and various dynasty’s of ancient Mesopotamia the one constant, consuming thought that invades my sensibilities is the political realities almost always dominate the citizens

When visiting Greece and Turkey last August I had a sort of epiphany when considering the various wars and conquests that are also a constant part of the human condition. As I look at the code of Hammurabi or tweak my mind around Sargon, the supposed first tyrant who ruled over the first empire(?) I see three absolutes:

  • Mythological gods
  • Wars/Conquest and Defeats (Political Dynasties)
  • Tyrannical powers were raised up in Government.


As I study this, connecting much of it to what I saw and learned in Greece and Turkey my mind continues to move further and further from our Biblical understanding of the day. Moreover, the religious understanding of these ancient dynasties was of the same ilk in so far as their gods were the cornerstone of their power and authority.

My point:

We are no different! This was the epiphany as I considered the ruins in both Greece and Turkey. The governments/empires that raised up these societies and the religious demarcations that were imposed upon the common or conquered people are gone.

Israel was born within this landscape and dared to be set apart. We study the biblical text but fail to consider the cultural back drop that the biblical text is addressing. Israel struggled to be set apart. The price that they paid is recorded throughout history.

What is incalculable and obvious is how the GOD of the biblical text is the opposite over all of the religious systems and political governance known historically. We make the mistake of capturing all of this in a church system as opposed to a Kingdom forever addressing Statutes, Commandments and Laws.

The more that I consider all the above the more correlation that I see our society, our empire, or the world today. Watching the American culture decline while watching the various religious realities succumb to the government and political tyranny is not new but we don’t know this because we continue to do church or the western configuration of our interpretation.

The Kingdom of GOD is not a made-up control mechanism.

The goal of the Kingdom of GOD was justice and freedom. The United States of America was born with this invocation as primary! Not so much anymore. We do not understand the biblical government that granted the covenant agreement to this land. This is truly fascinating to me. I see the United States of America’s government rejecting the covenant that GOD offered. I also see the people becoming captives!

The consequence(s) of said rejection continue to resemble Deuteronomy beginning in verse 28:15 (Israel was the example revealed to the nations.) Are we so foolish as to not realize this is a kingdom edict for those who would follow the Biblical revelation?

All of Ezekiel 20 happened.


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