Open letter To Dr. Simone Gold



Dear Doctor Simone Gold,

I have followed you from the beginning of America’s Front-Line Doctors. I first heard about you when numerous doctors gathered offering opposing scientific research concerning the effects of the Covid (Gain of Function) vaccinations. I was able to make a small donation monthly for a brief period. What spurred me to do so was all the scientific research that I was pursuing that directly opposed what was being presented via the News media, the American government and social media. The more that I posted the opposing information the more censoring on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn I experienced.

I dug deep into all that was being presented via AFLD’s while noting the public banning, shaming, and ostracizing of doctors and scientist around the globe. All were questioning the public narrative being presented through the CDC and World Health Organization. The numerous virologists who were sharing information against the “Jab” taught me the process of bringing new medication to the marketplace. According to what I have read an average of 15 years is the norm. I also dug deep into the advent of petrochemical medication and the promotion of synthesized medicines, i.e the Rockefeller foundations.

Furthermore, I wanted to know more about the inception of the American Cancer Society (1913) and the American Medical Association (1847) I wanted to know why plant-based medicines where not approved across the medical spectrum while the pharmaceutical companies were able to promote new drugs with numerous side effects on every other television commercial? I started seeing a similar type of medical mandate born in the 1930’s that vilified doctors who did not support the various foundations and associations now governing the medical industry.
For me, my sensibilities were seeing what we have all been through these last 3 years happening in the 1930’s. The governing bodies were dictating terms on how to fall in line with the pharmaceutical companies.

Moreover, I have in these last three years discovered the wealth, the influence, and the power of pharmaceutical companies. The average citizen has no real reason to investigate this sort of corporate conglomerate now controlling the “Managed Care” of millions of people around the globe. I am aware of the mounting deaths that are directly related to covid vaccinations.

I am also aware of the global attempt to never allow this information to be exposed. What I now undestand is most “Managed Care Drugs” are an industry for one of the most powerful entities in existence. Curing sickness is not profitable in the minds of those controlling the conversation.

I follow Dr. Christina Parks. Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and countless others because I believe what they all have consistently reported. The vilification of all of you was unwarranted and without merit. The body politic against all of you is global, something I have never witnessed in my 64 years.

I have watched much of both, White Coat Summits 2020 and 2023” and follow the website as often as I can. I was a prayer warrior for you during the political incarceration that you and so many others are or have experienced…. our nation has changed!

My ability to support financially is not what I wish it was. Times are a bit difficult in our world here in Washington Hell, I mean state. Nevertheless, I will donate after I post this open letter. My reason for writing this open letter is to make myself known as a supporter and believer in all that you folks are doing.

I pray and study from an ancient perspective the biblical reality of the GOD of Israel. I continue to see through the lens of the bible those who would enslave others. For me, I think it is our turn to fight against the historical, human behavior that desires those in authority to control people and to deny freedom.

I hope others will support AFLD’s as opposed to cower in fear and or avoid this fight. I am watching the global organizations ramp up what they now perceive as a successful ability to control the global citizenry with mask mandates and fear. I will continue to fight against this in our state.

In summary, I support your conviction, tenacity, and ability. I wish that I could do so much more! I don’t have much to offer financially but will stretch our funds to do something. I hope to also return to the monthly donation as well. It is my prayer that others will read this open letter and do something as opposed to nothing. Stay resolute Dr. Gold, hundreds, hopefully thousands and possibly millions will step up before as opposed to ignoring what is happening to our next generation.


Jeff Morton

Washington State


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