FYI, After the Greece and Turkey trip my desire to go to Israel was spurred on. I asked GOD if I could somehow go. Well yesterday, I was gifted a trip to Israel. I received a call yesterday saying that the cost was covered!!!! There is no way under our current circumstance I could afford to go to Israel…So, this is a huge blessing if it does in fact happen.
Well, I know that all Hell could breakout before the trip happens. However, if that does not happen I have every intention of going!
Concerning Facebook, I swore an oath: When they tossed my account the next time I would never, ever do facebook again! They tossed my account because of words that I typed apparently, yesterday…Have no idea what words or reasons used…don’t care! I am done with this portal of HELL
I will post all of what I do on Rumble: (I do have a WIMKIN account) and will post most of any commentary there.
You Tube (I only post, “Let’s talk about it” on You Tube (they shadow banned me several years ago)
I will post on my website as well
I was asked recently by Pastor Joseph John, why are you not teaching? I share stuff folks based on what I have learned from many, many people or personal research. I am not in a religious or theological mindset. Therefore, I don’t have an audience who wants to hear me say “Adam and Eve” were not the first two people…Which is what I absolutely believe, Nuff Said!
Thanks for being in my world. I live AMAZED!

Just Click The Pics

Amazing , must see!


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