Well, we are 7 shows and counting. I spoke about Love LIFE which is a heart felt attempt to engage churches in the battle against abortion. What is a House of Refuge? Check out what LOVE LIFE MARKETPLACE is all about





I also spoke about a heartfelt understanding of WOMEN. (I know there are some bad ladies in our midst.) My thoughts are focused more on what GOD was thinking! I am including this video that I made several years ago to support why I share what I share.


Politics and Pastors: The Kingdom of GOD is very political! Are you enjoying your butt being kicked around because you don’t represent the politics of the KINGDOM of GOD in the face of the tyrannical kingdoms of men? What part of your biblical undestanding is being crushed by ignorance?

You must unplug yourself from the lie that tells YOU not to lead!


Just Click The Pics

Amazing , must see!


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