Nov 13, 2020 | News and Opinion


I am always looking for honest, reliable news. A year or so ago I stumbled across the Epoch Times investigative reporting on SpyGate. I subscribed for the initial free copy and received a giant pictorial spread sheet (pictured) which traced the events concerning the spying on Donald Trump’s candidacy for president. The investigative, researched information was intricate, detailed and not summarized via commentary. Someone was doing journalism again? I declined to order the newspaper at this time but kept reading articles posted on the internet. I also did a bit of investigative research myself wth regard to who is Epoch Times. Of course, most of the top tiered search engines throw the newspaper under the bus, this alone propmted me to dig a bit deeper! So after reading up on the Fulan Gong hit pieces and Chinese Communist government’s labeling these folks as cult members, (Ironic huh?) I continued to read journalism and very good articles published by the Epoch Times. I also saw a commitment to struggle through whatever obstacles placed in front of the editors and folks who offer the Epoch Times click hereĀ 

Subsequently, I ordered a one years subscription to both support and to show my respect for what the Epoch Times is doing. I have already benefitted from the published articles and information that reporting the news should be about. The Epoch Times is restarting or possibly restoring journalism and integrity! I appreciate what they are doing and I know you will too if you are looking for honesty and trust…something that is hard to find in our global culture(s) today!

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