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Why on earth would we not want to be in the mind of Moses, or Shaul when attempting to understand the biblical writers? 

I was driving professor John Walton of Wheaton College to the airport. I asked a theological question to which John responded, “Jeff, I am not a theologian.” I was a bit stunned having just spent two days listening to Professor Walton teach a group of about 80 folks his understanding of the Bible. John went on to offer, “I am a text analyst Jeff, I study the ancient words of several languages.” It was at this moment I understood the academic world verses the seminary world.

Professor Walton has written over 35 books. I was introduced to his work via the Lost World Series which examines the historical cultures and methods of communication that a great deal of biblical literature was cast in. Walton will say, “GOD trusted us to interpret his revelation but, he trusted those people” (meaning the ancient world) The Bible was not written to us but meant for all generations.” Talk about paradigm shift? Professor Walton, along with several others in academia revolutionized my approach to studying the scriptures.

I have posted the entire Lost World Conference (September 2019 in Puyallup WA) on YouTube. The following is the playlist beginning with, “Methodolgy” This playlist will help many of you comprehend a snippet or two of what this page, on my website will offer…

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