The pernicious rise of lawlessness with overt corruption and promised adjudication (That has not mattered) is the US Constitution going to prevail? The fact that most of us don’t know our Constitution offers yet another advantage to those who wish to destroy these founding documents. The Bill of Rights (The first Ten Amendments) is what, exactly, to the Kardashians? Meanwhile, a sophisticated, well funded, collaborative effort has been underway for decades to erase our Constitution.

However, and on a positive note, perhaps the integrity of these very young documents are vociferously being revisited by many Americans? Many like minded folks see lawlessness and the cultural revolution as the same thing! Perhaps, standing up for the Law is America’s last stand….hmmmm? —–Think it through people!

The AOC nutballs have a voice were they should not and I still think Bernie Sanders was one of the folks yelling, “Crucify Him!” Where is our voice, the voice of the people? Well my friends, that voice is in our Constitution! We just have to yell louder than the old dude!

Facts Matter with Roman BalmakovĀ 

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Just Click The Pics

Amazing , must see!


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