My brother-In Law sent to me the following video this morning.

As a footnote: The American public at large does not track the war that we are in with Nations. Most Americans have been lulled into a sort of comfortable position while hoping our leadership keeps us free. Meanwhile, our college campuses belong to the communist. Our political parties are at war with those of us who cherish our country and the media is a source of manipulation as opposed to journalism.

Were I to wipe away technology, the digital age, the Industrial revolution and sully my way all the way back to the agricutural world I will find one kingdom trying to rule over another….and so it goes!  What is the scariest part of all of this is the ignorance that is producing the next generation. The current one is represented in the streets of Portland, Oregon in living color! [Thankful all are not MTV drones.]

Now consider how many of these young people, rioting in the streets today, the Chinese military will slaughter! Tianamen Square is a board game to GEN X

Yup, enjoy your comfort, our grandkids will pay the price!

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