What in the WORLD is wrong with you people?

How is it possible that the Media complex has a global population scared to death? (Or of Death) So many people are willing to put an experimental bio concoction (Please watch) into their bodies without knowing what the short term or long term effects will be. Worse, the Wuhan virus was created in a lab in China….WHY? Does this not concern you? Could it be because everything else is made in China now days?

The average commercial on any radio station within my country, America, is broadcasting a salvo of commercials encouraging, social distancing, wearing masks (That don’t do a damned thing need proof? CLICK HERE) while state governments are doing flip-flops to vaccinate every living thing on earth! The media is programming you to risk your life on a variety of levels in order to save your life by injecting an experimental vaccine (that could sterilize your daughter and or cause you to permanently test positive) to combat a lie they are calling COVID -19 (A Corona virus, perhaps even one that has been weaponized!) So let’s make sure our military is forced to take this “Truck Full of Sh_t”  Let’s make sure we force our police and first responders to roll up their sleeves. Let us bow our heads and force our medical personal and doctors to take a vaccine that has a plethora of unknowns. I mean, really people, seriously?

Have you all lost your freaking minds?

America’s Front Line Doctors are trying to wake a global population up battling a global media complex. They are the modern day David’s fighting a modern day Goliath…Really, an anti Christ in my opinion.  I have not had the time as of yet to put forward a rather impassioned plea to virtually everyone who knows me and or who is aware of why I do any of this, a video concerning what I am sharing here today

With regard to Dr. Simone Gold’s petition (https://stopmedicaldiscrimination.org/home)
I am asking you all to get involved, sign the petition…make a dent in what these doctors are fighting. They are fighting GOLIATH and are locked out of Hitler’s media complex (Tech Giants) on many levels. I have watched now, a variety of videos found on the website https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/media/video/
 What boggles my brain…beyond my ability to comprehend, is the control now brandished over millions of people via fear…Common sense is gone!
For those of you who have not been persuaded to give up everything and to follow insanity for the LOVE of GOD get on board helping the David’s of this world slay this giant.
Sign the petition, become a member, donate $10 a month. I did all three.
The most frustrating thing in my entire existence, at this point in life, is the lack of involvement by so many Americans! As the new administration tosses our nation into the abyss.
I turned off the news in my home because watching the media lie and the truth seekers countering the lies is like having diarrhea pouring out of an abscess, living with stage four cancer,  all the while battling shingles! Who in the universe wants to endure this? Do your own research, “it does the body good!”

The Charlie Kirk Show: Nine Doctors Speak Out.

My prayer today will be for GOD to blanket the world with Common Sense. I think we need this more than his Holy Spirit!

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