Off the Cuff: Retired Police Officers Tell Their Unfiltered Stories

Where Ex-Cops Speak CANDIDLY about getting scum off the streets


Kevin Jackson, Kenny Latimer, and Kevin Sorbo, the creators of Bleeding Blue continue to fight back against “cancel culture”. In the wake of the George Floyd propaganda, networks canceled TV shows like “Cops”.
They even went as far as to cancel cartoon cops.
Then, a small but vocal group wants to defund police departments around America. These are all over-reactions to lies about policing in America.
Our team decided to continue to fight for the truth. So, we are creating a TV series called “Off the Cuff”. In our series, former law enforcement officers speak candidly about their careers.
In one episode a former detective reveals his “unconventional” methods to get a serial rapist off the streets. What would YOU do to get a serial rapist off the streets?
Off the Cuff forces viewers to consider what they would do to protect the public from the most violent criminals. The stories will test the belief of many, especially those who know nothing about policing, but want to chime in.

Off the Cuff. Real cops, real stories, real life for everyone to see. Law enforcement officers who walked the beats and have seen the darkest depravity of human nature. Their stories must be told.

Kenny Latimer

If you agree with us that this is a critical project for the country,


We must raise $500,000 to produce a complete season of this show. We MUST push back against the political hacks who damage law enforcement and make America a less safe country, people like AOC and Nancy Pelosi.
Be part of the change from cancel culture and let’s STOP THIS NONSENSE IN ITS TRACKS.
We are in talks to get this series on network TV, but we need your help to produce enough episodes.
Off the Cuff sets the record straight and will test the Defund the Police crowd. We believe this series will change their minds on the TRUE role of law enforcement.
Thank you,
Off the Cuff Promotions Team
For questions, contact Melissa Jackson


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