The first time that I heard of Ezer Kenegdo was in the reading of Professor Skip Moen’s book, “Guardian Angel”

In the book that I hope to finish writing this year which I have entitled Women, I use the analogy of a remote control concerning what GOD was considering (In my words) Therefore Ladies, after you read the following you will understand why my analogy concerning women has to do with your basic television remote control! If there is only one battery in the remote nothing works! The TV, DVD player, etc, etc, etc! Women to me, are the 2nd battery that make all that YHWH (Almighty GOD for those in the West) created, work! The Ezer Kenegdo

The images of a caveman dragging a woman with a club in his hand is to me one of the methods used to demean women…Its no different to me than a so called transgender dude, both are an affront to women! With Church interpretation representing Eve as being some sort of after thought in GOD’S consideration of the man is nutty!  When considering the actual meanings of the words and proper concepts from the time and the culture of those who compiled the writings of Moses much can be restored!

GOD created an order for humanity which largely takes into consideration two givens, Function and Purpose. The legality of Kingdom order defines the role of humanity by recognizing the Two Become One” Hence, the order of life is Perpetuated, whether being a seed in the dirt or a child in the womb. Dirt is not dirty and the woman is not the 2nd thing!

The inference that the serpent addressed the woman may be more to do with disfiguring her purpose in order for her identity to be perverted! Nevertheless, without her YOU AND I would not be here! The power source for all that GOD created maybe more closely related to two batteries!

The issue is LIFE….The attack against it is relentless! Destroying children in the womb and distorting the role of women are just two examples of this process. Of course, perverting the idea of men is just another form of lawlessness which introduces chaos. Function and Purpose go straight to hell when this happens. Quoting Skip Moen, “The further we get from GOD, the less human we become!”

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