No, I am not going to tell you what the mistakes were. What I will share is this….

Yesterday I listened to two of my favorite people on this planet discuss the Bible. Dr. Dinah Dye and Pastor Joe Aymond. I sat am my desk listening and feeling like a giant bubble was deflating based on the two mistakes and recovering from both. I listened to a familar conversation that helped me to get back to where my spirit lives.

I love studying the ancient world that produced the Biblical story. Dinah Dye’s new book is selling remarkably well (I had to call her after listening to our podcast with Joe Aymond, she shared the news about sales) I so hope and pray regularly that our Christian understanding of the ancient text is thrust into a vibrant new look at what is not taught. I have been here in this mindset since 2007. Dinah and Joe offer reasons why in our time period, the faith community, globally… would marvel at what has not been part of the last 1800 years in our learning.

If you are at all ineterested in their conversation…click Here & Here

May the peace of GOD be a part of your day

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