I have said, ‘This time the tyrannical leader, capable of killing billions will do so on a global scale’
I think the Covid vaccinations are the precursor to this beginning!

Robert Kennedy Jr spoke the following in 2020 (My brother in law just made me aware of this video

How people, by the millions around the globe are allowing an injection of unknown products, synthesized chemicals and cloned DNA into their bodies is beyond my ability to articulate, let alone comprehend! The Pharmaceutical companies continue to tell us that certain side effects with the potential to kill us on virtually every commercial they produce! However, those words are never mention with the Covid vaccines…Why are so many people not seeing this or even questioning the vaccines long term risk? Now, the pharmaceutical industry want’s to put this into children around the world….What in GOD’s name is actually happening?



Just Click The Pics

Amazing , must see!


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