“Social media posts show Motion Church campuses not enforcing COVID safety measures” Tacoma News Tribune ……….. Yup!!!! 🙂

Free2Choose ATTN PARENTS: We need you NOW!

Motion Church – South Campus

It is time to take action within the Washington State Public School System. For months now we have been begging our school boards to hear our concerns, begging them to stand up for what is right for our kids and they aren’t listening, OSPI isn’t listening and the State of Washington isn’t listening. We have civil liberties that need to be upheld.
At this meeting, Eryn DeFoort, who is networking with https://www.free2choose.org/, will be speaking to all who can join. She is going to present the research they’ve done. She will also dialogue with parents about any questions we have and help us formulate a plan that thousands of families will take part in (that has been done successfully by other parents across the country).
A class action lawsuit is too risky as it can easily get thrown out if it goes before a corrupt judge, but Freedom 2 Choose has a plan to leverage the power of numbers! Most of the legwork is done, templates for families to use are created. We just need to show up, listen, ask questions, take action, share and REPEAT!
While this meeting is in Puyallup we are encouraging all districts to attend, Bethel, Bonney Lake/ Sumner, Orting, Eatonville and anyone else that can make the drive!! We all know the FDA is close to approving the vaccine for kids. It’s only a matter of time before that is the next mandate, we need to take action NOW.
*Childcare will not be available but we will have quiet activities for the kids.
Be Free!
Free2Choose Team


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