For the record, I stopped watching all award shows many, many years ago.


Will Smith’s assault on Chris Rock, or “Black on Black Crime at the Oscars” will soon be a distant memory, no consequence, no lawsuit, no nothing! The apologies bandied about concerning violence coming from an industry that promotes violence as a form of art is another point of insanity! Our global society is insane!

Disney, is promoting LGBTQIA (the letters continue to expand) as noted by an article in World Net Daily written by By Art Moore “Disney’s ‘secret gay agenda’ caught on camera” while the school systems are training our children in the way they should never go!

A dude competing against women in sports, breaking most established records achieved by women is celebrated, really? The list of “Crazy” that I could outline here would take most of my day….

I am stuck, stifled with the mindset of…why bother!

Writing articles, blog posts or doing anything constructive accomplishes what exactly? Our global society is so broken, civility and decency are absent across the globe. The war (slaughtering of innocent people) in Ukraine over shadowed by a black man, slapping another black man on an international stage is twisted! Hollywood elites taking center stage due to violence, by an idiot while promoting violence on the big screen with just about every block buster produced?

The insanity is everywhere! Writing anything of late is akin to reinforcing depression! The sadness that is bubbling up in my spirit for all of us going through this is becoming debilitating! May GOD help us or perhaps stop us! I am not sure which one is more urgent!

I cannot for the life of me, comprehend anyone defending Will Smith! Jim Carey is exactly right!

I keep thinking, what if James Wood (Who I admire) walked up on stage, at the Oscars and slapped Christ Rock for telling a joke that he did not appreciate?





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