I attended George Junior Republic in the 1970’s. I credit my experience there with keeping me out of prison as a child or worse. I asked a few of the kids to share their stories with me. None of us are kids anymore but back then, we all were. Two agreed to share their stories on Let’s Talk About It, my new podcast. The following discussion is episode #8 Many of us keep in touch via the Facebook group….Several in the group have chimed in after listening to the podcast, a lot of memories revisited ♥


When Kids Ran the World: A Forgotten History of the Junior Republic Movement (Article)


Tom Kenney “swimming” in his coat (on the right)

Terrified (1st Day) on the right, Karen Greene


I continue to hear that the school is nothing like it was when I was there. I do not know anything more than this.

Just Click The Pics

Amazing , must see!


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