So, I was gifted an all expense paid trip to Israel. I might sound like a broken record but I have seen these events unfolding for a decade or more concerning what the nation and the people of Israel are facing. Daily, I wonder if the trip will actually happen.

I wrote an article many years ago titled, “Iran, the match is lit” espousing the rise of the Islamic shiite caliphate. I mentioned in the article that Iran referres to Israel as a cancer. I learned from Dr. Bill Warner while interviewing him several times that the Ayatollah’s (Popes of Shiite Islam) believe that in order for the Mehdi to return Israel must be destroyed. The quest for nuclear weapons is to achieve this stated goal. The idea is to engulf the world into total war.

As I monitor events in Mesopatamia I am mindful of the staggering cultural shifts engulfing the planet, born of sexual preferrence and identity mutillation. I am also mindful of the insidious redifining of women, by men along with the institutional indoctrination of young adults through the education system against acceptable behaviors necessary for communities to thrive. Our children, as young as five years old are being taught to support abnormal practices that kids are not mature enough to comprehend let alone, defend.

The events happening in Israel, for me anyway signal a biblical catastrophy in the making supported by godless nations embracing all of the above. I am wondering, is this what the beginning of great tribulation, such as the world has never seen, occurring before all of us?

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