As I stand in awe of watching biblical events unfold in my life time concerning Israel living with a feeling of dread daily, I thought to write the following:

I am not a Christian person who echoes the never ending “Slogan” about the Jews being GOD’S chosen people.
Rather, I am the person witnessing nations preparing to destroy part of our human family. I use the word slogan because, were this mindset bonifide within the ranks of Christianity, antisemitism, replacement theology, and subsessionism would not be pervasive within the theologies that support them.

I was just a child when in 1967 and 1973 Israel faced annihilation from her ancestral cousins. Today, and once again the mindset to destroy the Jewish state, annihilate millions of people, and hand to a created people now called Palestinians what ever is left is on the agenda via the “Wannabe” Shiite Caliphate of Iran.

I think, but perhaps, I am just isolated living in the Pacific Northwest that people celebrating Pride month in the Seattle area, or folks focusing on the aftermath of the presidential debate between Biden and Trump, or others who are just trying to get through another day are oblivious to what is stirring in the Middle East.

I stand with Israel, and the Jewish people who were inserted back into the land.  They are fighting for an eternal covenant and I fully support their right to exist!

I don’t care if they are Socialist, Karaite, Othodox, ultra Orthodox, Conservative, Messianic or non religious, none deserve to be wiped out of existence! For any person living on this planet who thinks otherwise you prove the uncivilized nature of mankind when religion justifies killing our neighbors.

I am hoping that as a 64 year old adult (as opposed to the child of my youth) I live long enough to see the miracle of Israel once again defended by the Biblical Creater that I align myself to…….

In the meantime, I will pray for peace, protection, and strength for the people of Israel. I will also continue to support, financially where and when I can the IDF.

The religious ideaology of the Mullahs is to attack Israel with nuclear weapons….Think it through people!

Watch You too, can financially help! Put away the slogan & put up or shut up!

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