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Oct 16, 2021 | News and Opinion

I have spoken with Eryn Defoort. We certainly come from different perspectives in life. Nevertheless, Eryn is standing against the Jab, the Mandates; we all need to stand against insanity- from every background!

Please watch the following Video

My friends, you have legal recourse when educated about our civil rights. Click each link below for much needed information

  1. Statement of Declination of vaccine product
  2. FAQ regarding jab mandates
  3. Cover Letter for Constructive Notice

Part of a note from Eryn:

“ is the organization that is sort of project managing all the various groups in cities across the state.  Getting on their email list will keep you in the know about how their coming, how they need help, etc.  I speak at all their major events. Eventually it would be nice to get their organizer on your podcast as well. All in due time.
In peace”


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