I have become increasingly less optimistic over the strength and longevity of our country. I keep thinking about biblical history with regard to the rise and fall of empires. America is an empire in the way the biblical history defines empire. Not every person in Ancient Israel or for that matter, any country/kingdom tossed out morality, ethics and decency. Nevertheless, the nations/empires fell and or were invaded and destroyed throughout recorded history. The governments (Royal families of the kings) were obliterated with death and carnage consistently and historically recorded

America is a shadow of what is was in the beginning. The corruption, decadence, lack of honor, death of the unborn and un-natural unions that do not produce life are part of American culture today! In fact, the irony is how these detestable behaviors are legislated and made law! The folks who fight for this sort of cultural transformation, as though representatives of Hell itself, control city states and government principalities across the “Fruited Plains!”

The church itself is voiceless and in many instances fully conformed to the culture at hand! Virtually all of America’s institutions are corrupt. Our education system is producing anti-America socialist for over 50 years. Ask any student if they know our history and declaration of Independence. Ask any parent or grand parent as well!

I suspect those of us fighting this tide will suffer the indignity of it all. My point is just that…..
Not everyone who suffered the collapse of empires, kingdoms and or countries were guilty of tossing Torah or Good News principals under the bus. The host of our Christian country is not standing up for the King of Kings. I consider what happened to the British Empire when the empire took 80% of the land given to Israel via the Balfour Declaration and handed it to Trans-Jordan which became Jordan. A tyrant rose up, Adolph Hitler, decimating the Kingdom of Great Britain. (Churchill’s White Paper)

I am watching American (Americans) go against her/our very existence and reason for being birthed as a nation….Nothing Good can come of it!

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